November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!! Smitten Polish Spice Cake

Base: one coat Zoya Get Even
Color: three coats Smitten Polish Spice Cake
Top: one coat NYC Grand Central Station, one coat Gelous
Application: average (out of poor, average, good, excellent)

Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers! I hope you are about to enjoy a relaxing day filled with family fun and delicious food! I'm currently wearing Smitten Polish Spice Cake on my polish, a polish I bought a few weeks ago, but wanted to save for Thanksgiving! Spice Cake is an orangey-brown creme base with orange, gold and brown glitters. There are teeny glitters, as well as larger hex glitters. This polish really screams "holiday food" to me!!

I did find the formula of Spice Cake to be a little challenging. It was a bit thick and also somehow applied a little patchy/streaky in the first coat. That's really why I had to use three coats to even it out. I also felt like some of the glitter got lost in the opaque base. My other Smitten polishes have absolutely dreamy formulas, so I was a little surprised at this one. It wasn't terrible, just more difficult to work with than the others I've tried. I also discovered that Spice Cake really requires two coats of top coat to be smooth. It was kind of lumpy after the first one, so I added the coat of Gelous. It's a really unique polish though, so I think it's worth a little effort!!

Smitten Polish Spice Cake is still available at the Smitten Polish Etsy store. Noelie is also going to be selling her holiday collection soon and it looks amazing! There are some preview pictures on her Facebook page. The Holly And The Ivy and Adeste Fidelis are definitely going to jump in my Etsy cart as soon as they're in stock!

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