November 15, 2012

Birthday Mani- Lynnderella Pentimento!!

Base: one coat CND Stickey
Color: two coats Lancome Indigo Paris, one coat Lynnderella Pentimento
Top: one coat Poshe
Application: excellent (out of poor, average, good, excellent)

Happy birthday to me!!! Yes, today is my birthday, I'm 28! Yow! Not sure how I got to be that old, but I wanted to celebrate with a really fun mani. I decided to try Lynnderella Pentimento over one of my favorite navy shimmers, Lancome Indigo Paris (LE from a few years back). This is the first time I've worn Pentimento and it's stunning!! I am loving it over the indigo shimmer. Pentimento is a gorgeous mix of all kinds of colored and white glitters, I can't even begin to name all the glitters in there!!

Pentimento is so full of glitter, I only used one coat here! I didn't have to do any dabbing or special application methods either, and all of the glitters behaved very nicely. I can't believe I didn't order Pentimento right off the bat with the Sweet Somethings for a Summer Solstice collection. What was I thinking?? Fortunately, I have it now, so all is OK!

I am loving wearing this for my birthday! It makes me feel special haha!

Lynnderella Pentimento is available at her eBay store.


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!!! It really does get better!

Kimberley said...

Happy birthday!

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks ladies! It was a good one!