March 29, 2012

The Zoya Surf Collection: Possibly the Best Zoya Collection EVER!

I can't believe it's been a whole week since I posted the Zoya Beach collection!! I was really hoping to get the Surf collection swatched quickly, but there were some rainy days in there and I had to work a lot. I also had 4 St. Patrick's Day shows on the weekend! Come on people, St. Patrick's Day is over!! Stop having parties! LOL... anyway, I finally have the Zoya Summer 2012 Surf collection for you today, and it is stunning!

Zoya Carly is probably my least favorite of the Surf collection, but it's gorgeous and I still really love it!! I first thought it would be similar to Zoya Valerie, but Valerie is much darker. Carly is like Valerie's lighter, more sparkly summer cousin. Zoya describes Carly as a "thalia purple foil metallic". Now, I had no idea what that meant, so Google came to the rescue. Apparently thalia is some kind of a red-purple plant or flower. I just kept thinking of the character Thalia in the Percy Jackson series (any fans out there? I'm a huge fan of those books!).

All of the Surf collection polishes had an excellent formula. I happen to adore Zoya's foil metallics anyway, and these were particularly excellent. They were buttery smooth, pigmented and easy to apply. I'm only going to say that once so that I don't sound like a broken record!! I used two coats of Carly for these pictures.

Zoya Kimber is one of the colors I was most looking forward to and it doesn't disappoint! Kimber is a beautiful pink mixed with a little peach/orange. Zoya described Kimber as a "magenta pink foil metallic", but in my mind, magenta is always more purple-toned than this. In any case, Kimber is a beautiful pink for spring or summer!!

I used two coats of Kimber for these pictures.

Zoya Rory was a sleeper hit for me! I can't believe how much I like this polish!! You all know pinks are not usually my thing, but Rory has a lavender tinge to it that it really beautiful! It reminds me of one of my favorite MAC lipsticks, Lavender Whip, but a bit more pink. Zoya calls this one a "lotus pink foil metallic". I (again) googled "lotus flower" and I guess this could be an accurate description. Lotus flowers are gorgeous, by the way!

YUM! Look at that macro shot! It reminds me of cotton candy a little bit too! I used two coats (!) of Rory. I feel like I never find two-coater awesome pale pinks that I actually like!

My absolute number one top favorite of this collection is Zoya Myrta! I am really having an orange make-up moment (hey, it's the color of the year!) and Myrta fits right in to my current orange-a-thon. Myrta is a stunning juicy red-orange foil metallic. Zoya calls it "coral orange" and I'd agree with that too. I would also remind you that including the word "coral" in a description of a make-up product statistically makes me 90% more likely to obsess over it.

I did use three coats of Myrta for these pictures. It looked perfect at two coats, but I wanted to make sure it would look perfect in the pictures so you could fully understand my obsession with this polish. When I finish typing this post, I am removing my current pedi color and putting on Myrta STAT.

Zoya Meg is a stunner for the green lovers out there! I wasn't sure how to describe this one, besides using the word "gorgeous" 50 times, but Zoya says it's a "mermaid green foil metallic". I don't think I can top the descriptive power of the words "mermaid green", so I won't even try!! Love this!

Meg was a very solid two-coater, definitely no need for a third here!

Zoya Zuza is my second favorite in this collection and a definite hit of summer 2012. Zuza is an amazing mix of blue and green (it's actually a hair more green than my pictures show). I don't anything like this! I think I own maybe somewhat similar colors, but with a creme finish. The foil metallic finish plus this color= a home run hit for Zoya! They describe it as an "aquamarine foil metallic". I think they could have done a bit better with that description. Maybe like "seafoam from an exotic Caribbean island beach foil metallic"... yea, that's better.

I did three coats of Zuza for the pictures, and it's the only one in the collection that I felt actually needed three coats. No worries though, it was well worth three coats and the foil metallic formula dries very quickly.

Overall, I think this is possibly my favorite Zoya collection ever. Period. I normally love Zoya collections, but I can't come up with one that I adore as much as the Surf collection. I normally tell you my top picks from the collection, and then I give you advice for which ones to get if you can only get one or two. I can't even choose here!! I know my top top picks are Myrta, Zuza and Rory, but I really think you should put the whole collection on your list! The only one I would even possibly contemplate skipping is Carly, but even that one is a gem! This whole post is a Never Enough Nails Necessity.

So which ones are on your list?? Are you better at narrowing down choices than I am?

The Zoya Surf collection looks like it is available now on!!! (That link is my "Share the Love" link.  If you click this link and set up a Zoya account, you get a $5 coupon to use immediately. For a full description of the new Zoya "Share the Love" program go here)

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Stacy said...

I love this collection too although choosing between this one or 2011'a Sunshine collection would be VERY hard for me, Rica is my hands down favorite Zoya EVER!!

Never Enough Nails said...

The Sunshines are a favorite of mine too Stacy! Especially Rica, but I think I love these a bit more!!