December 29, 2011

Chanel Spring 2012 Harmonie de Printemps

I have an awesome boyfriend. Let me throw that out there. He is very supportive of my insane make-up and nail polish addictions, and readily agrees to buy me make-up for every birthday and holiday. This year's Christmas gift was very special- a large box of Chanel make-up!!! Most of it was from the Spring 2012 Harmonie De Printemps collection and I have some swatches/pictures of those items for you! Above, you can see that the order came in GORGEOUS complimentary gift packaging, a white and gold box with a beautiful snowflake design and Chanel logo.

Here are my pretty boxes inside the gift packaging. On the left is an eyeliner that is actually from the Fall 2011 collection, Khaki Platine, but I have wanted it ever since then. Then you have the Blush Horizon De Chanel, bottom right, Bagatelle glossimer, middle right, and Flirt Rouge Coco Shine, top right. Missing from this picture is a permanent product released in the fall, Mirifique Illusions d'Ombre eye shadow (that is getting it's own post).

The Blush Horizon De Chanel is the star product of the collection, in my opinion. Mainly because it looks gorgeous in the package. I am really sorry, but I haven't been able to convince myself to swatch this yet!!! I promise I will swatch it in the next few days and post a picture of me wearing it. But I needed to admire it for a few days first.

Above is a swatch of Flirt Rouge Coco Shine. Rouge Coco Shines are sheer lip colors that I personally love. Flirt is my fourth Rouge Coco Shine, so you can tell I like the formula a lot. If you like your lipsticks to pack a huge color punch and last all day, these may not be for you. I, however, like a nice healthy tint to my lips and I am constantly reapplying my lip product out of habit. I don't normally wear lipstick, but I find I can wear Rouge Coco Shines on any occasion because they are sheer and not too in your face.

Underneath Flirt is Bagatelle glossimer. Glossimers are very pretty shimmery lip glosses. They are usually not very pigmented, again, I like a more subtle lip. Bagatelle is probably one of the more pigmented glossimers, but is still very wearable for me.

I also swatched Khaki Platine eyeliner because I love it!! It's a green gray shimmery liner that I find to be really unique. It was kind of dark when I swatched this, so I may reswatch. It's more pigmented, shimmery and darker in real life.

The blush came packaged in this adorable velvet pouch!!! It also comes with a brush in it's own little pouch. I just had to take pictures of the pouches!!

More blush pictures, see the little brush? So cute!!! I promise to swatch this blush very soon!

The Chanel Harmonie De Printemps collection is online at or at a Chanel counter near you.

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