December 1, 2011

The Touch, The Feel... of the New Zoya Feel Collection!

I do love a brand that constantly releases quality, well thought out collections, and consistently offers something for everyone. Zoya is a really great example of such a company. They have a polish, literally, to suit every nail polish wearing person's taste. They have sheers, nude hues, glitters, duochromes... just everything! In an expansion of their great selection of neutral hues, they released the new Feel Collection. Like the Touch collection from the spring, the Feel collection offers a selection of full coverage neutrals, this time in a creme finish. The formula on these was very consistent throughout, so I will comment on it at the end.

The first Feel collection polish I tried was Zoya Kennedy, a "pale, french beige cream".  Kennedy is a lovely soft pink-beige that provides a healthy glow to nails. This is a perfect polish for a very strict work environment. It's one of those barely there colors, yet it is opaque!  If you hate VNL, this one is for you!

Next up is one of my favorites from this collection, Zoya Avery, a "blond beige cream".  I loved Avery for some reason, even though it's not a color I would normally pick. It just looked so creamy and smooth on my nails. A lot of bloggers have described this as looking like foundation, which is kind of true. But in a flattering way! I can imagine this being flattering a on a variety of skin tones.

Next up is Zoya Kendal, a "lavender beige cream". Kendal is a really beautiful soft lavender. It just makes me think of soft cozy sweaters and bunnies. LOL, not that bunnies are usually lavender, but it is a lovely soft color. I love pale purples, but they can often be streaky/chunky/hard to apply. Not Kendal though, just lovely and smooth so you can really appreciate the color.

Zoya Kristen is my other favorite of the collection, a "gull gray nail polish with a mild bluish hue". Well Zoya, it's hard to top that description!!! I LOVE this color!!! This is how to wear blue polish in a sophisticated way. It has enough gray in it to remain subdued looking, but it is definitely a blue polish. Like Kendal, Kristen is soft and fuzzy and reminds me of small furry animals and sweaters! In fact, I would love a sweater in this exact color.

Zoya Carey is another bunnies and kittens shade, a "periwinkle gray cream". In the shade (above), it looks similar to Kristen, but it's really less blue, more gray and lighter than Kristen. You can see this better in the sunlight pictures below. This is a really nice take on gray. Carey is very clean-looking like a white creme, but not stark like a white polish. 

Finally we have Zoya Megan, a "taupe gray cream". This looks like a straight-up pale gray in the bottle, but on the nail it kind of has a pinkish/purple-y tone to it. Very pretty and different from other pale grays I own. I think my mom will steal this one, as she's already said how pretty it is about 50 times. Hopefully I'll get to wear it once in awhile!!


The formula of all six of these polishes was really lovely. They only needed two coats for full opacity. None of them were streaky or thick. I always hate applying really pale cremes, but these were so easy to work with I may change my tune!! I did wait for the first coat to dry completely before applying the second coat, as I find that makes for a more smooth second coat. Drying time was also pretty quick.

Overall, this collection is a really nice addition to my polish wardrobe. These are the kind of polishes everyone needs for certain occasions and some of you may want to pick these up for work. You all know I am a glitter fiend, but I can see myself making room in my glitter-packed schedule to wear these neutrals.

The Zoya Feel Collection is available now on

These polishes were sent to me for review by a PR agent for Zoya. For more information, please read my Disclosure Policy.

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