November 4, 2011

Zoya Yara NOTD


I love how I posted the Zoya holiday collection before I finished Zoya fall!! Oh well, that's how it goes sometimes, right? This gorgeous treat is Zoya Yara, from Zoya's fall Smoke and Mirrors collection, and I think it's pretty in any season. Yara is an olive drab green with awesome yellow glitter flecks!

Look at that macro shot, aren't the glitter flecks a really unique color? They really make Yara stand out in the sea of army green polishes that were released this fall. It's not quite gold glitter, it's really yellow! Very cool.

I did three coats for these pictures, but you could most likely achieve the same look with two thicker coats. The formula on this was nice, no problems to speak of! Yara is the polish I wanted the most from Zoya Smoke and Mirrors and it definitely does not disappoint!

I still have two more of the Zoya fall colors to swatch, but I know this one will be my favorite of the collection! Zoya Yara is such a "me" color! Weird army green with unique yellow glitter flecks? MUST HAVE!!

Ugh! It's just so dang cool, isn't it????

Zoya Yara and the rest of the Smoke and Mirrors collection is available now at Also, Zoya polishes are BUY 2 GET 2 FREE until November 5!!!! Just sign in to your account at, go to "my account", "my coupons and promotions", and get your one-time use code!

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