November 15, 2011

Blast From The Past- OPI Man of La Mancha

I honestly have a TON of things that I NEED to swatch for this blog right now. So, naturally, I felt like wearing something that I really didn't need to swatch at all. OPI Man of La Mancha is seriously amazing though! Man of La Mancha is an old, discontinued OPI multichrome. On it's own it's a pink/red with green/gold flashes, but it is a bit sheer, like some of the other old OPI multichromes.

I chose to layer it over two coats of Zoya Cynthia (one of the polishes I still have to show you!). This is two coats of Man of La Mancha over Zoya Cynthia. MoLM is a really strong multichrome and flashes all kinds of colors in any lighting. It never looks dull or just one color. I've been wearing this for two days now and everyone I've seen has been quite fascinated with my nails (myself included!)!

This polish applied beautifully and dried quickly. It is also wearing really well. No chips or tip wear yet! Ahhhhh, old OPIs, gotta love them!! It may be possible for you to find this beauty in a dusty or maybe a salon near you. However, I suggest that we all email OPI and beg them to re-release a bunch of these amazing old multichromes and duochromes. Movin Out, Man of La Mancha, Electric Eel, etc. That would be an epic collection and I think we would all snap those up like crazy!!!


Ninea said...

This polish is so amazing! I would buy it immediately, if it was re-released! Until then, it can only admire your photos (which are really good by the way!). :)

Best regards!

Unknown said...

Really gorgeous!!
I love it!

Kelly said...

Gorgeous color!! Loving all that multi-chrome goodness :)

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Ninea! I agree, I think everyone would buy it right away! Fingers crossed they realize how much we all want this!!

Rock-or-not- it's even more amazing and color-shifting in person!

Kelly-me too! This really is a gorgeous polish!