November 2, 2011

Zoya Gems and Jewels Holiday 2011!

Today I have some swatches of the new Zoya Holiday collection, Gems & Jewels. I took these pictures over the Halloween weekend, during this:

Yes, that's my backyard, abnormally coated in snow on October 30. I was little chilly taking these pictures, but Gems & Jewels is so gorgeous, I didn't mind!

First up we have Holly, described by Zoya as rich green metallic shimmer. That's probably a good description! This is a really rich green with lots of depth and dimension to it. I am totally in love with this color and definitely don't own anything like it!

The shimmer looks almost velvety, it's really gorgeous. I can't really think of anything to compare this to! It reminds me of Mistletoe and Christmas trees and all kinds of holiday things!

This is three coats in the pictures. Two coats was OK for opacity, but I thought it looked more rich with the third coat. The formula was typical Zoya- excellent!!

Next we have two coats of Zoya Rina over Zoya Holly. Rina is described as a "gorgeous green glitzy, glitter glaze (with unique bar glitter)". Rina has green bar glitter, as well as small green glitter. The glitter in Rina is really sparkly! No dull, lifeless glitter here! There was no sun to be found when I took these pictures, but I'm sure it would really shine in the sun.

I will be showing all three glitters on their own, as I do think they can be full coverage. I just got really cold when swatching these LOL! I love this combination, it's so holiday-feeling!

Next up is Noel, an "icy blue metallic shimmer". Noel is a very pretty blue with a touch of steely gray. It reminds me of cartoon icicles and igloos LOL. It definitely looks cold and snowy for winter! I really like this metallic shimmer formula of Zoya's, it's so beautiful! The shimmer is really densely packed, and like I said about Holly, it seems velvety.

This is also three coats and another excellent formula. I love Zoya's formula more than any other nail polish brand, I just think it's so effortless to use (except Jem, that is!).

AGHUHUIRENHJSDJJHD!!!! I'm sorry, do you see this???? Do not adjust your monitor, that is really how two coats of Zoya Twila looks over Zoya Noel!!!! Three words- Glittery Swimming Pool. That's what this makes me think of! Twila is crammed full of small blue glitter and blue bar glitter. This is my favorite combination of this collection, I can't get over how much I love it. While this is glitzy, it's not holiday specific, thanks to the blue color. You can wear this year round and not feel like a Christmas elf!

The sun came out for like .2 seconds while I was photographing Twila, so you can get a feel for how sparkly these glitters are. All three are sparkly like this, I just had very limited sunshine to showcase the sparkle! Again, I will be showing Twila on it's own, I can't wait to see what that bombshell looks like!!

Zoya Izzy is a "party pink metallic shimmer"! LOL, I love that description, party pink! This color pink is stunning and I think it would flatter any skin tone. It certainly looks great on me, and can't you just see it on a really dark skin color too? I think it would look amazing! Izzy continues the trend of looking all velvety and rich- I hope Zoya used this metallic shimmer formula in the future. Izzy is really bright pink, without being neon. I love that Zoya went with a pink instead of the usual red for their holiday collection. It feels festive, but not cliche!

I only used two coats of Izzy for these pictures, it was a bit more pigmented than the others. It also has a buttery smooth formula and was a dream to apply. As much as I love Holly, I might possibly love Izzy more. I can't decide.

This knockout is two coats of Zoya Kissy over Izzy. This glitter is a little different from the other two. It has lots of small pink glitter, but it has both pink bar glitter and silver, almost a little holo-looking, bar glitter. It's really cool and I love how it looks over Izzy!

This would probably be my favorite combination of the collection, except for Noel and Twila, haha!!! This one should look pretty cool on it's own. BUT, if my name was "Kissy" I would punch my parents in their faces.

Overall, these polishes all had a fantastic formula. There were no duds or disappointing colors. I like how Zoya picked blue and pink for a holiday collection, instead of going for red. I'm glad they did use green though, because Holly is AMAZING! I really like the metallic shimmers, and the bar glitter is exciting for us glitter junkies. Nicely done Zoya!

The Zoya Gems & Jewels collection is available now on

Theses polishes were sent to me for review by a PR agent for Zoya. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.


Squared Nails said...


I think you got the names of the shimmers/glitters mixed up.. The blue shimmer is Noel, the green shimmer Holly...

Inge (PolishSis) said...

The 'sets' of these polishes look great together!!!

Sarah said...

Gorgeous! I love that they 'match'.

Jenn A. said...

Great collection! Rina is my favorite.

Never Enough Nails said...

Squared Nails- You know why they were mixed up? I was looking at the press release for the names (my bottles were all the way up the stairs lol). Look at my press release- it's all mized up!

PolishSis- I think I like them all best combined! They're so pretty!

Sarah- me too! It adds a nice sparkle to have the matching glitter!

Jenn A.- me too!

Starlight Radiance said...

This is such a pretty collection! Noel and Twila are so pretty together!