November 19, 2011

Zoya Cynthia Is Smokin'!

I finally have pictures of Zoya Cynthia from the Fall 2011 Smoke and Mirrors collection!!! I used this under my OPI Man of La Mancha mani the other day, but it really deserves it's own post. Zoya describes Cynthia as a "smoky Prussian blue creme" and I completely agree. There is a definite smoky look to this polish that is very cool.

The smoky feel sets Cynthia apart from other deep blue cremes I own. I am a total sucker for colors like this. They look really bold against my super pale skin and I love it! I hate reading those magazine articles where the famous manicurist tells pale people not to wear colors like this. That's ridiculous!! Vampy colors look stunning on pale and dark skin alike!!!

The formula on this beauty was good. This is two coats and it was nice and opaque at two coats. The first coat looked a bit streaky, but no worries, as the second coat smoothed it right out! All in all, an excellent fall/winter polish. I wore it as a full mani right after taking these pictures!!

Zoya Cynthia is available now on


starification said...

I totally agree with you about the pale skin and darker colors...being a Mexican myself, I'm jealous of you girls with creamy skin ;P

Pretty said...

ooh this is very unique. i was not' sure if I liked the new zoya lines because the colors seem so common, but love dark blues. they look awesome. arg so many lemmings now. i think i want those string glitters too. those look awesome too. hehe

Madeline said...

Loooove this color. Also, ah, yes, the magazine advice. "If you are pale, the only color you are ever allowed to wear is Essie Ballet Slippers!"

hermetic said...

Gorgeous shade, who knew dark blue could be made so interesting?!

Never Enough Nails said...

Starification- I'm always jealous of how darker skin looks in hot pinks and corals! Haha, I think Cynthia would look lovely on you also!

Pretty- they seemed common in the promo pictures, but they are kind of like interesting versions of some common colors! I love the string glitters too. I want to try them over Cynthia.

Madeline- I know! I HATE Essie Ballet Slippers! Lol

Hermetic- it's the smokiness that adds the interest! Plus a touch of teal. Overall an awesome color!