March 4, 2011

Incoco Nail Appliques- For the Nail Art Dummies (like me...)

Last week I bought Milani Gems from blogger Kellie Gonzo's blog sale. She, being awesome, sent me Milani Gems, but also sent a tin of that amazing Nivea hand cream and these Incoco Nail Applique stickers! I had tried other brands of nail polish "stickers", but not Incoco. I am always excited to try something new, so I put them to use yesterday.

This design is called Golden Lattice and is currently out of stock on Incoco's website. Never fear though, as there are still plenty of really cool options (glitter leopard print? YES PLEASE.)

These were pretty easy to apply, maybe a little time consuming just because I'm not used to applying them. You just select the right size for your nail, peel the sticker off, and place it on a dry, clean nail. Then, smooth out any bubbles and you can use a nail file to get rid of any excess. I have very narrow nail beds, so I had a lot of excess on the sides. Instead of filing on the sides (I didn't want to file my skin), I used my thumb nail to crease the excess. Once creased, it tears off very easily. Incoco instructs you to leave the thumb nails for last, which I think is a good idea, especially if you need to crease/rip any excess off.

Since I just put these on yesterday, I don't know how long the wear is yet, but I will definitely report back. I have read that these wear quite well, so far it seems to be true. I half expected them to just peel off in the shower, but they are still perfect looking! I definitely plan on ordering the glitter leopard print, the regular leopard, and probably the zebra as well. What do you think about these? I think they're pretty cool!!

Incoco Nail Appliques are available online at


chell said...

wow! i really want this one!
i've been looking baout this nail sticker. it's expensive right?

Never Enough Nails said...

The Incoco stickers range from $8.95-$10.95. So, you could buy a whole bottle of OPI polish for that. But, compared to a salon Mani with nail art, that is a bit cheaper.

Unknown said...

these look great on you!!

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks so much for sending them Kellie! I think you got me hooked!