March 7, 2011

March Madness

So, just a little explanation here....

Some of you may be saying, OK so this girl is an Irish dancing nail polish blogger, where is the month of green polish/endless St. Patty's Day looks???

1. I am an Irish dancer. We are in REALLY high demand right about now. I have shows coming out of my ears, and little to no time to do my nails, let alone take pictures of them and then write about them!

2. Never call it St. Patty's Day. Kthanxbye.

3. Stay tuned, there will be a contest very soon in honor of St. Patrick's Day!


april brooks said...

Oh man! How did I miss this bit of information about you? Are there videos? I would LOVE to see some if there are!

Never Enough Nails said...

Haha, there is a video on You Tube that one of the girls made for a school project last year-
At around 32 seconds into this clip, I am the one in the blonde wig with the pink cape on. She put me into slow motion in this clip too, LOL.