March 7, 2011

Incoco Nail Stickers... 6 Days Later

As all of you probably know by now, I have nail polish A.D.D. I feel the need to wear something different on my nails just about every other day. Therefore, I usually leave the wear tests to other bloggers who actually have the virtue of patience.

It just so happened, though, that I applied the Incoco Nail Appliques right as I was embarking on a seriously busy couple of days. I actually managed to leave them on my nails for a grand total of 6 days!!! Check out the pictures of these babies 6 days later.

You can see some very very slight tip wear, but really wearable and not at all obnoxious. If I weren't N.A.D.D. (that's Nail Attention Deficit Disorder), I would totally leave these on for a few more days! I've heard that these last almost 2 weeks on some people, and I could definitely believe that after wearing them.

I did get a reader comment on the price of these. They are about $8.95-$10.95 for one set. When you compare that to a bottle of OPI or China Glaze, it seems silly to pay that much for one use stickers. However, I'm kind of comparing it to a professional manicure with nail art. Personally, I would only buy the nail art kind, not the regular polish kind, so I think that's a fair comparison. So if you think about it that way, the price seems OK. These definitely have great lasting power, so no worries there. After seeing the wear time, I give these a 8.5/10. I only took points off because I think they would be more popular around the $5-$6 price point.


Anonymous said...

Did you put a top coat over the Incoco nails?

Never Enough Nails said...

I did not use a top coat. The directions didn't say to, and they were pretty shiny, so I skipped it!