February 4, 2018

Zoya Kisses Pastel Jellies Swatches!

*Sent for review*

February is that weird month where you want winter to be over, but it's not yet, though you might get that occasional hint of spring in the air. The Zoya Kisses Pastel Jellies collection is absolutely perfect for this time of year. The jellies are soft and have just that hint of spring color. 

Zoya Vickie is a warm and cozy gray jelly. This gray has little tinges of lavender and pink. It's not a cold, stark gray by any means. This is a great neutral with an edge.

This is three thin coats. All three of these jellies were sheer on the first coat, but built up nicely in two or three coats. I wanted the squishy look without too much VNL, so I did a third coat. If you like a little sheerness and VNL, two coats will be fine. I did not use top coat with any of these, because I wanted to show you how shiny they are all by themselves! Top coat definitely speeds up drying time though.

Adding one coat of Zoya Leia on top of Vickie makes for a stunning mani. Zoya describes Leia as a "sheer, opalescent white with flecks of fuchsia, green and gold". Over Vickie, the pink flecks show up very strongly and look really beautiful with the gray base.

This is one thin layer of Leia. It's nice and easy to apply and the shimmer is the smooth variety, so no worries about roughness or difficult removal.

Zoya Libby is such a pretty pinky lavender. I think it's actually hard to find real true lavender polish, but this is a true lavender for sure. The jelly finish is excellent paired with this color, a perfect match.

This is three coats. Again, two would have a bit more VNL, three retains that delicious squishy feeling. These jellies are so easy to apply and very even, not streaky at all.

Ugh, this is like unicorns and rainbows prancing around in a garden 😍. One coat of Leia over Libby is the perfect early spring mani. The pink shimmer stands out well, but you also catch those flashes of green and gold on angles. Such a lovely combo!

If you're looking for a little more saturated pop of color for spring, Zoya Princess is a petal pink jelly with a little hint of brightness. It's less pastel than the other two colors, but still soft. It's more pastel looking with just one coat, so you can vary the brightness to your liking.

Three coats again. The fact that you can build these up or wear them sheer is great. A lot of brands claim that their jellies are buildable, but sometimes three coats can still be very sheer. These are just perfect at three coats.

OK not only is this a fantastic combo, but Princesss... Leia!!! This is one layer of Leia over Princess, making it a Princess Leia mani 😀. Now I need Zoya to make a polish called "General", so I can also do a General Leia mani.

So typically I honestly do not really like jellies. Mostly because of what I said before- the claim is that they are buildable, but sometimes are are not. These are really and truly buildable and have a beautiful finish to them. I really enjoyed swatching them, due to the ease of application. The shimmer topper is a perfect partner in this collection. I would highly recommend ordering the whole Kisses collection, I think you will find them very versatile and perfect for spring, yet also year round. Love!! A+ Zoya!

The Zoya Kisses collection is available at zoya.com.

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