July 31, 2015

Happy Lynnderella Friday, Vol IV!

*Sent for review*

Happy Friday everyone! It's almost the weekend, so I have a nice dose of sparkles for you with this week's Lynnderella Friday post. This delicious warm pink treat is Lynnderella Tutti Frutti Rainbow Smoothie. Tutti Frutti Rainbow Smoothie is a nice bright coral pink with silvery shimmer and teeny holographic sparkles. 

This is three thin coats of Tutti Frutti Rainbow Smoothie by itself. No undies needed for this beauty! It was very easy to apply and the formula was excellent. I'm in love!

Lynnderella Audrea Borealis is a blue violet microglitter with iridescent flake accents as well as holo glitters accents. The blue violet color of this color is so intense and glowy and the holo accents peeking out are like twinkly stars. 

This is three thin coats of Audrea Borealis all by itself. It covered very nicely and was pretty easy to apply. I used two coats of Essie Good to Go on top and it was smooth and shiny.

Lynnderella Lait de Lune Bleu is a translucent periwinkle with beautiful multi-colored shimmer. Lynnderella says there is "pink, aqua, yellow, lilac, and blue shimmer" and you can see all of those colors in different lighting. It was definitely difficult to capture the true beauty of this shimmer, but I think you can see the pink and maybe lilac shimmers pretty well in the last picture. This is such a gorgeous soft wash of glorious shimmer!

I used one coat of Lait de Lune Bleu over two coats of Sally Hansen Babe Blue. I have seen Lait de Lune worn on it's own, probably in three coats, but I thought the shimmer really popped over a base color. It glides effortlessly onto the nail, just a perfect formula.

*Purchased by me*

Lynnderella Juicy Rainbow Juice has a purple jelly base packed with many different colors of iridescent, holographic and metallic flakes. It also has red holo glitter accents. I really like what Lynnderella is doing with flakies right now. The polishes with flakies are really texturally interesting and beautiful. This one is a great example, the squishy jelly base with the ton of flakies packed in makes a nice contrast.

This is three thin coats of Juicy Rainbow Juice on it's own. It was easy to apply and all of the flakes sit nice and smoothly on the nail.

Lynnderella Certainly Not Red is certainly a bright almost neon pink! This is a cool-toned hot pink with tons of blue and lilac shimmer. It really has a nice blue iridescent cast in person that my camera didn't want to pick up.

This is two coats of Certainly Not Red all alone. This is nicely opaque and quite pigmented, although Lynnderella's description does say it is translucent, so your bottle could differ. This has a great consistency and was a breeze to apply. I'll be wearing this immediately!

*Purchased by me*

And closing out today's Lynnderella post is the latest in the Zodiac Lover series, Lynnderella As Good as Gold, Leo. I am loving the Zodiac series, it's really fun to look forward to the next one and I can't wait for my sign (Scorpio)!! Leo is probably my favorite so far. It's a champagne gold holographic microglitter with holo gold glitter accents and a gorgeous blush pink shimmer in the base. The overall effect of the champagne gold plus the pink shimmer is a beautiful rose gold look. I think you can see the pink shimmer in the bottle better than you can on my nails, but in person it's quite prominent on the nails.

This is three thin coats of As Good as Gold, Leo with no base. It was pretty easy to apply and built up to a great opacity on it's own.

*All polishes sent for review, except for As Good as Gold, Leo and Juicy Rainbow Juice*

With the exception of As Good as Gold, Leo, all of these are available now on lynnderella.com. I expect Leo will be available in time as well. Check out http://lynnderella.storenvy.com for more Lynnderellas and Lynnderella's blog for new collection info. Like Love Lynnderella on Facebook for more swatches and fun giveaways!

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