July 1, 2015

Lynnderella I Pink I'm in Love and Quintessence

*Sent for review*

I have so many pretty Lynnderellas to show you right now, I had better hurry up and get to swatching them all! Today I have two gorgeous LE Lynnderellas for your viewing pleasure. Lynnderella I Pink I'm in Love is a stunning mix of pink, silver and bluish lilac holographic microglitters. The silver and lilac really add a lot to this polish, making it much more special than a plain pink microglitter. I hope you can see them twinkling prettily here in these pictures! It's been raining and cloudy a lot lately and I always feel holo glitters pop more in the sun.

This is three thin coats of I Pink I'm in Love. It could easily have been two regular coats, but you know I'm a habitual three-coater. It was lovely to apply and wore like iron for the several days I had it on.

Lynnderella Quintessence is a really unique polish. It has color-shifting flakies, blue flakies that are really iridescent and rainbow-y and blue-violet glitter in a shimmery blue-violet base. Lynnderella's description says the base is translucent, but it builds up nicely so you can wear this all on it's own, like I did here.

This is three thin coats of Quintessence. This was pretty easy to apply. Sometimes a flakie would hang off the edge of my nail, but I just pushed them back on to the nail and they were fine.

*Sent for review*

Check the Lynnderella eBay store or Lynnderella StorEnvy for these two LE beauties and more. For more information about Lynnderella, please check out lynnderella-lynnderella.blogspot.com. Also, like Love Lynnderella on Facebook for more pretty swatches!

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