January 9, 2015

I Love Nail Polish Metropolis

 *Purchased by me*

Happy Friday everyone!!! For a lot of people (myself included), this was our first week back after the holidays and maybe some time off. This week felt super long after have two weeks off, but I managed to keep myself going with leftover cookies somehow. I am wearing I Love Nail Polish Metropolis right now and the color shift of these magical flakies is a real pick-me-up when I need it! The flakies in Metropolis shift from a dark, almost royal blue, to a rich purple, to a brighter fuchsia and even yellowish green at some angles. I honestly just love walking around and looking at this mani in all different lighting and moving my hands around, LOL!

When I wore ILNP Electric Carnival, I wore it over black, so I decided to wear Metropolis over something really light. I went with OPI Don't Bossa Nova Me Around and I think it's a gorgeous base for flakies! This is two coats of Metropolis over two coats of the OPI. Metropolis could definitely be worn alone in 3-4 coats if you prefer it that way. I think my macro shot below really captured a lot of the color shifting- you can see the blue, purple, some fuchsia and some of that greenish color too. Love it! Application was easy, the flakies are very easy to use.

 I also really enjoy putting my nails on different angles from each other, as you can see below. Each nail looks so different! I am easily amused by these ILNP flakies!

*Purchased by me*

ILNP Metropolis is available at ILNP.com. I am really enjoying wearing my ILNP flakies and I think I want to order some more!


Ananka said...

It is a stunner and I love the shift :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

It is Ananka! I am loving these flakies!! I can't stop staring at my nails!