January 18, 2015

Completing my Lynnderella Fall in Love with New York Collection!

 *Lynnderella Flat Irony purchased by me, Nolita Lolita sent for review*

The Lynnderella Fall in Love with New York collection is definitely one of my favorite Lynnderella collections of all time. I recently got the only polish in the collection that I was missing (Nolita Lolita) and I have swatches of that and Lynnderella Flat Irony to show you today. Flat Irony is a rusty red microglitter with a kind of sheer black jellyish base. Lynnderella describes it as a "burnt red orange microglitter with a subtle blackened base". The sparkle in Flat Irony is gorgeous!! The orange-y red microglitter looks like glowing embers in the smoky black base. If the other microglitters in this collection hadn't already made me love microglitter, Flat Irony would!

This is three coats of Flat Irony with no undies. It was completely opaque in two coats, but I did a third to make sure my camera didn't cause any shenanigans. I would wear this at just two coats. I used one coat of Essie Good to Go on top and it felt smooth and glossy. The formula is probably the best of any microglitter I have tried. So easy to apply. Look at that glow!

Lynnderella Nolita Lolita was the one polish from this collection that I didn't want at first. Not that it wasn't pretty, but I just don't wear pink very much. After swatching it today, however, I immediately put it on as a full mani! This is such a pretty mix of pink glitters- pale pink satin glitters, bright pink matte glitter, metallic pink glitters, flower shapes, circles, etc.! The clear base also contains really beautiful pink shimmer that adds a lot to this glitter topper. You can see that shimmer best in the last photo taken in the shade.

This is one coat of Nolita Lolita over Nicole by OPI Something About Spring. Nolita Lolita was easy to apply with the dabbing method. It has lots of larger glitters and they were easy to get on the nail with dabbing. This is a really fun mani for the middle of January!

*Lynnderella Flat Irony purchased by me, Nolita Lolita sent for review*

Both of the Lynnderellas are in the core collection, meaning they are available for purchase right now, no bidding/auctions etc. You can find these at lynnderella.com or lynnderella.storenvy.com. For more information about Lynnderella polish and the latest collection news (here's hoping for a Valentine's Day collection!), check out Lynnderella's blog.


Ananka said...

Both are really nice but I love the glitter <3 How stunning is it :-D

Never Enough Nails said...

I love it Ananka!!