November 5, 2014

I Love Nail Polish Bishop Swatches

 *Purchased by me*

I ordered a couple of polishes from the I Love Nail Polish Fall 2014 collection and haven't gotten around to wearing any of them until now. I guess I'm really just a glitter girl at heart and holos and multichromes sometimes go unloved in my collection. ILNP Bishop (H) is an ultrachrome (multichrome) olive green that changes to light gold with holographic shimmer. I honestly am not getting much of a multichrome feel from this in person. I get olive green and light gold, so that is really duochrome to me, and not all that much of a color shift. Blue is mentioned in the description and I don't get any blue at all. The holographic glitter is supposedly linear holo shimmer, but I get more of a scattered holo effect. I tried several different lighting situations and didn't really ever get that linear holo rainbow. The color of Bishop is really beautiful though. It's a very cool olive and the flash to light yellow gold is very prominent. EDITED TO ADD- I did wear this polish for two days as a full mani. In the course of a normal two days, I did manage to see more of a multichrome effect and a linear holo flame in one room I was in. I don't know what kind of light bulbs the room had, but I could see yellow gold, olive, and a charcoal gray color at an extreme angle. If I looked down my fingers, towards the tips of my nails, I could see a linear looking holo rainbow. So, depending on what kind of lighting situations you run into, your experience with Bishop may vary.

This is actually four coats of Bishop. I definitely do thin coats, so I think three coats would be fine for the average person. However, I saw other bloggers saying it was a two-coater and that I can't imagine. It was very sheer on the first coat and had a lot of VNL at two coats. The formula wasn't bad to apply, but it wasn't super amazing either.

*Purchased by me*

This is the first polish from ILNP I have tried and I can honestly say that I expected a bit more. I feel like these polishes have a lot of hype behind them and everyone raves all over the place about them, but I felt that both the multichrome effect and the holographic effect were lacking in Bishop, as was the pigmentation. I like this polish, but I'm not head over heels drooling over it. I still have three other ILNPs from the fall collection to try, so I hope I'll be crazy excited about at least one of them. Bishop is available at


Ananka said...

This looks really pretty :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

It is definitely pretty! I think maybe just less crazy holo/multichrome-y than I was anticipating.