November 8, 2014

China Glaze Mind the Gap

 *Purchased by me*

I don't really get the American fascination with the "Mind the Gap" slogan. Like... why is that on t-shirts and stuff? If you have ever spent any length of time on the London Underground, after awhile, you want to punch the automated lady who continuously says "This is Waterloo station. Mind the gap. Next stop is Westminster". To be fair, every time I have been on the London Underground, it's usually after a red eye flight with 90 pounds of luggage and I am just a general disaster all around. I also typically have to drag my 90 pound luggage over said gap, so maybe that's why I am not a fan. But, I digress... China Glaze Mind the Gap is an interesting olive green shimmer from the fall All Aboard collection. It has some camel/beige tones to it too, making it more complicated than just olive green. The shimmer is pretty neat, it's much sparkly in the sun than I could capture here. You can kind of see the sparkle in the bottle in the above picture.

Mind the Gap is a neat color, but I am not really sold on the formula. This is four coats. The first coat seemed like it would never be opaque, but it did start to build up. You could probably do three thicker coats. I had kind of a weird experience with this polish. I would wipe the brush off as I normally do and start applying the polish to my nail. Then all of a sudden, globs of polish would be pouring off the brush! I am not sure what would make that happen, but just use caution and make sure you really keep wiping the brush off.

*Purchased by me*

Overall, I like Mind the Gap and if you like weird-ish fall colors, I think you will like it too. The formula isn't my favorite, but I'll still wear it. I still need to get Lug Your Designer Baggage from the All Aboard collection! I think I got Mind the Gap from and it is still available there, as well as other online retailers.


Ananka said...

This one looks quite nice. I like the shimmer :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

It's really cool shimmer too Ananka. It's super sparkly and rainbow-y!