September 29, 2013

Zoya Zenith Holiday 2013 Collection, Part 2!

 *Press sample*

OK OK, I know you probably all want to skip over Zoya Cassedy and get to the scattered holos, but it's really quite a lovely deep gray chunky shimmer. Cassedy is one of those polishes where you can see each individual shimmer particle, and I love those. It's also the perfect shade of dark gray for winter. Gray is a neutral for me in the winter and the darkness of this one gives it a nice edge.

This is just two coats of Cassedy and it was nicely opaque. The formula was excellent too, easy to apply and just the right consistency. All swatches in this post are topped with a coat of Essie Good to Go.

Here with go with the much-talked about "scattered holos"! Zoya Dream is a lovely jelly-ish medium blue with iridescent glitter flecks. Dream is not very strong in the holo department, that's why I'm call them iridescent flecks. There is a little flash of rainbow here and there, but not all the time, and not very often. Most of the time, the glitter flecks look silver. It is a gorgeous polish though, and I definitely love it, even without a blinding rainbow effect.

This is three coats of Dream. It has a very jelly-like consistency, so there is a bit of VNL still. It applied very nicely though and was easy to control around the cuticle area.

Zoya Payton has a lot more going on in the rainbow department. I think it's almost enough for me to actually call this a scattered holo. Payton is a gorgeous deep cranberry jelly with rainbow-y glitter flecks. The color is SO perfect for winter and the holiday season. You can see from my photos that this one was flashing a lot more rainbow than Dream. Payton is definitely my favorite of the Zenith collection, and the most unique too!

This is only two coats of Payton (yay!) and I was very happy with the opacity. The formula had a gel-like feel and was so easy to apply precisely.

*Press sample*

Overall, I like the Zenith collection a lot for winter. I know a lot of people get tired of seeing red, green, and gold for holiday collections, but personally, those are the colors I feel like wearing come December. Zenith's cool icy colors seem perfect for winter storms though. My top picks of the collection are Payton and Dream of course. I think those two will be everyone's favorites! Cassedy is definitely worth an honorable mention though, as it is a gorgeous polish in it's own right.

The Zoya Zenith collection will be available on October 1 on!


Donnie M said...

Whoa! I'm really impressed looking at that Cassedy swatch. It's definitely not what I was expecting. I may consider getting it!

Never Enough Nails said...

I think Cassedy was my surprise favorite of the bunch Donnie! I'll definitely be wearing it a lot this winter.