September 20, 2013

The Missing Gumdrop- Nicole by OPI That's What I Mint

 Purchased by me.

I posted swatches and reviews of the whole Nicole by OPI Gumdrops (texture) collection way back in May, but shortly after posting, I discovered that there was another Gumdrops polish that bloggers did not receive that wasn't in the press release! For some reason, Nicole by OPI has been hiding this treasure from us, but I finally located it this past week. Nicole by OPI That's What I Mint is my favorite, by far, of the Gumdrops polishes! It is not mint colored at all, it's a stunning sparkling teal. If mermaids existed and wore nail polish, this would be the polish they wore ALL THE TIME.

That's What I Mint was completely opaque in just two coats. It's very pigmented, so if you do thick coats, you might be able to do one. The formula was great- easy to control and perfect consistency. I think this picture below, taken in the shade, is the most color accurate. It's a real teal, not as blue-leaning as the first picture looks.

Here's That's What I Mint with one coat of Gelous. It's stunning this way too!

Purchased by me.

I got this in CVS. It was not up at the front with the new stuff in the display of the Gumdrops collection. There isn't even a place for it in the display my CVS had. It was all the way in the back, on the shelf with the other, older Nicole by OPIs. Also, after I got this, I read somewhere that there is yet ANOTHER secret Gumdrop polish and IT'S A YELLOW!!!!! I MUST find it!

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