March 9, 2013

Born Pretty Store Studs!!

It's already March 9th and I have yet to post a green mani here for St. Patrick's Month!!! I had to fix that problem quick with Revlon Posh. I decided to add a few nail studs to the look for fun! I got these 4mm nail art studs at Born Pretty Store, and let me just say, it was really hard to pick which studs to get. Born Pretty Store has a HUGE selection of different sized gold and silver studs, colored studs, and studs of all different shapes, including hearts and stars!! You can view the full selection here. I am eyeing the black ones next!

These studs are the 4mm variety, and I probably would go for the 2mm size next. I have very small nail beds, so I think that would be the best size for me. 4mm are probably perfect if your nails are longer and wider than mine! These were super easy to apply. I just dabbed some top coat on the back and positioned them on my nails with tweezers. If you want a longer lasting hold, some nail glue would work perfectly.

What do you think about my St. Patrick's Day studs? I think they're super fun for a day! They actually stayed on a whole day and didn't seem to catch on my hair or clothes. They're a lot easier to wear than I thought they'd be. I would definitely wear them again for a party or fun occasion.

These studs and many more nail studs are available at Born Pretty Store.

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