March 17, 2013

Best St. Patrick's Day Polish Ever: Lynnderella Parade Route

Base: one coat Nicole by OPI Base Coat Plus
Color: white- three coats OPI Alpine Snow Matte, orange- two coats OPI Tangerine Scene, green- two coats OPI Green-wich Village, all topped with one dabbed coat Lynnderella Parade Route
Top: one coat Poshe
Application: good (out of poor, average, good, excellent)

You know those incredibly lucky people who get special custom Lynnderella polishes made for them? Well, I am not one of those blessed few, but I get to feel like I am, thanks to my newest addition to my Lynn LE collection, Lynnderella Parade Route. By now I think you all now I am an Irish dancer, so imagine my delight when I saw Parade Route on! Parade Route is primarily a mix of green, orange and white glitters- the colors of the Irish flag!- in a green shimmer base. I have to quote Lynnderella's description here because I love it, "Parade Route is a Saint Patrick’s Day themed multi-glitter featuring green, white and orange glitters as well as assorted debris left by happy parade viewers (who may or may not have had more than one cup of Irish coffee). Clear green-shimmered base." I love the vision of the happy parade go-ers and the confetti and such that is left at the end of St. Patrick's Day parades. I have marched in many a St. Patrick's Day parade over my years as a dancer, and this description really rang true for me.

I am so thrilled that Lynn made a polish with the colors of the Irish flag, it means a lot to me. It feels like it was made for me, even though I know it wasn't!! I wanted to really bring out the flag colors, so I dabbed one coat of Parade Route over OPI polishes in green, white, and orange. My thumb was green, so the actual order was green-white-orange. Parade Route was super easy to apply, I dabbed on one coat and got all kinds of cool glitter pieces. My mom also wore this as an accent nail and got an orange heart! So cool!

Happy St. Patrick's Day to all my readers! I hope you are doing something fun today. I will be doing shows all day, and have basically been doing shows since Friday at 10 a.m. We have a good time though!

Parade Route is a limited edition Lynnderella and will hopefully become available again at in an auction-style sale.

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