May 20, 2012

Essie Poppy-Razzi Collection: Action

I mentioned in my Essie Braziliant post that I bought three of the four Summer 2012 Essie Poppy-Razzi polishes and today I have one of them to show you. Essie Action is a bright neon mango color that I knew I had to have upon seeing the first promo pictures of this collection. It's one of those weird colors that I'm a sucker for.

Essie Action is bright, but it's not one of those neons that makes your eyes hurt. I enjoy all kinds of neons, so this is OK with me.

I'm a little disappointed that this is three coats and I can clearly see a lot of VNL happening. I know I can layer this over white, but I prefer neons that don't need layering. Another thing worth mentioned is the formula. It wasn't the greatest. It was pretty thick and also dried SO fast that if you tried to do any more than the regular three brushstrokes, it would streak and glob up. I definitely recommend covering the nail as quickly as possible for an even application. This shouldn't be a deal breaker when considering this polish, but just realize this may require some effort to apply.

Overall, I do love colors like this, so I like Action quite a lot! The Essie Poppy-Razzi collection also includes Lights, Camera, and Bazooka (no clue what Bazooka has to do with paparazzi or filming, but whatevers). I will be showing you Bazooka and Camera fairly soon. I got my Poppy-Razzi polishes at CVS, so check around for them at a CVS near you!


jaljen said...

Looks like a jelly! Yum. Gorgeous.

Never Enough Nails said...

It does look like a jelly after a nice dose of top coat! The satin/matte finish pre-top coat doesn't look jelly-like though. Glad you like it, I'm liking it too!