May 19, 2012

Why Didn't I Buy This Earlier: Essie Braziliant

Fact: I love orange polish. Fact:I love bright shimmer polish. Fact: I love Essie brights. So, why did I wait until last month to buy Essie Braziliant, from last summer's Braziliant collection? I honestly do not know the answer to this question!! In any case, I am now the happy owner of Braziliant and I LOVE IT!!!

Essie Braziliant is a hot red-orange with lovely shimmer. The shimmer definitely sets it apart in the sea of bright oranges in my collection. Braziliant is a really flattering color on me, and I can see it working on a wide variety of skin tones. My previous favorite Essie orange was Essie Mini Shorts, but it may have just been replaced.

Braziliant also has an excellent formula with a perfect consistency. It was very pigmented and only needed two coats for full opacity. Overall, a fabulous summer color. If you, like me, skipped it last year, you should definitely pick it up now. And Smooth Sailing too, while you're at it! I made sure not to make the same mistake this year, by the way. I recently bought three of the four Essie Poppy-razzi polishes and you'll be seeing them soon!

Essie Braziliant is still available at

Any big Saturday plans? I have lovely plans that include sitting around in my pajamas and reading a book!! (This never happens for me, so it's very exciting).

This polish was purchased with funds provided to me by my sponsor, For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.


Peace, Love and Polish said...

I am always doing the same thing! I will see a polish & love it, but I always pass over it and get something else. Then when I finally get it - I love it! What the heck. I love this Orange!

Never Enough Nails said...

Good to know I'm not alone! I hate when I do that, and then decide to buy it finally and it's not available any more. That's REALLY dumb!

Ashesela said...

This looks so gorgeous on you!! :D

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Ashesela!! What's your favorite orange polish?

AralynDuke said...

I LOVE orange polishes too! They never get enough love. Currently I'm in love with Spoiled's Vitamin C and Zoya's Gabrielle.