February 26, 2012

Lynnderella Mercury's Rainbow- Holo Glitter Goodness!

I am currently wearing this beautiful Lynnderella masterpiece, Mercury's Rainbow. I bought Mercury's Rainbow when the Funny Money collection went on sale, but am just now getting around to posting about it.  

Regardless of any drama surrounding the sale of her polish, Lynnderella constantly puts out amazing polishes that I drool over. Mercury's Rainbow is a stunning gunmetal gray jelly base packed with large holographic hex glitter, small silver glitter, and small holo hex glitter. The end result on the nail is superbly eye-catching!

For this mani, I layered two coats of Lynnderella Mercury's Rainbow over one coat of MAC Studded, a matte gray shimmer polish. Next time I am going to wear Mercury's Rainbow alone though, because I think the gray base is pigmented enough to wear with just three coats.

I also bought Lynnderella I Can Afford It when I purchased Mercury's Rainbow, and it looks unbelievable! I will be posting that soon, as I can't WAIT to wear it!

Lynnderella polishes are still being distributed through Shop Llarowe. You need to email their special Lynderella email address, lalas.lynn.network@gmail.com, to obtain ordering information. 

In other news, the third winner of my giveaway did end up responding, so congratulations to A Tiny Blog! My next giveaway is actually coming up in a matter of days, so hang in there!


Opalline Star said...

Wow that's really pretty. I love the holo/gunmetal combination!

Never Enough Nails said...

Opaline Star- I love this one! I think it could be layered over so many different colors for a different look too!