February 23, 2012

A England Saint George

I ordered a couple of the new A England Legends and I was really excited to try my first A Englands. I have heard lots of good things about the brand, and the Legends collections was TOO amazing for me to not order at least some of the polishes. The first polish I decided to wear was A England Saint George, a delicious dark green/teal holo.

Let me just tell you, the second the brush touched my nail, I said "WOW" out loud. Out loud! And I wasn't alone in the room, so my boyfriend thought I was knows I am nutty! Saint George is SUPER pigmented. Like, you could wear one coat of this! I did two coats, just because I was so shocked by it's pigmentation, I assumed it was a mirage. Saint George also just flowed onto the nail like butter and was the easiest to use holo polish I have ever applied.

I had expected perhaps a bit more of a blinding holo effect with rainbows everywhere, but I do need to mention that I did not use A England's base coat or top coat. I used Zoya Anchor and Zoya Armor. Sometimes with holos, the base and top coats actually do make a difference in the holographic appearance. I may need to invest in the proper base coat at the very least. Saint George was very shiny, so I could probably live without the top coat.

I am in love with this polish. It is so gorgeous. I stared at it so many times, and I only took it off because I had to to dance on TV the other day!! Booo!!!!!! Rest assured that I will wear this one A LOT. I can't wait to try the other A England Legends I bought!

The A England Legends collection is available now online at A England or at Shop Llarowe! Speaking of things you can buy at Llarowe, I have chosen and emailed the three winners of my $10 Shop Llarowe gift certificate giveaway. I am just waiting for all of them to respond and I will announce the winners publicly! Check your email!


Unknown said...

A-england holos are pretty, but they definitely aren't blinding holos. Don't worry about buying their base or top coat because it won't make it more holo.

Marisa said...

I love this polish!! Great swatches!

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Janelle, I wasn't sure if it should have been more holo or not. I've seen some Blogger's pictures that looked a lot more holo, I don't know how that happens!

Thanks MariJo! It's really pretty in person!