October 22, 2011

Halloween Patchwork with Born Pretty Store Crystals!

Today I did my first creative Halloween manicure of the season. I attempted patchwork nails for the first time AND used these amazingly beautiful Swarovski Crystals I received from Born Pretty Store! I think it turned out pretty well and I am definitely going to do this again in the future.

To create my patchwork nails, I simply started with two coats of NYC Pumpkin. After NYC Pumpkin was completely dry, I used Scotch tape to section off 1/4th of each nail. I painted this black using Knockout Cosmetics Flatte Black. When that section was dry, I removed the tape and sectioned off another 1/4th of each nail to paint black. This process is fairly easy, and I did learn a couple things to make it easier in the future. First, I really should have used a very fast drying top coat (such as Seche Vite). This would have made the process faster, and would have spared me a few of the mess-ups in the polish. Second, I really should have waited longer in between each step!

 Even considering the few mistakes here, I loved this look in person! I think it was made really special by the application of Born Pretty Store's Swarovski Crystals. They are gorgeous!!! These crystals are flat-backed, so they are perfect for nail art. To adhere these to my nails, I simply picked up each crystals with a pair of tweezers and applied a dot of top coat to the back. I pressed the crystal down on my nail and then added a coat of top coat over the whole nail. For a longer lasting look, I'm sure you could use nail glue.

I'm impressed with the quality of these crystals. They're so blingy and shiny in person, it's crazy! I've seen some crystals that don't shine, but these really catch the light well. Born Pretty Store sells these very inexpensively too, 144 of these are only $6.61!!! I got one of the smaller sizes, either ss9 or ss10, and I think they are perfect for nail art.

Never fear, for I will be using these gorgeous crystals in many a look coming up! Can you imagine how great these will be for the holidays? I really want to order the orange and peridot colored crystals too. I don't know yet how I would use them, any ideas? Check out Born Pretty Store's full selection of crystals here, it's pretty amazing. Born Pretty Store has tons of other cool nail art supplies as well, so give the site a look if you haven't yet!

NYC Pumpkin and Swarovski Crystals were sent to me for review by a PR agent for NYC and Born Pretty Store, respectively. For more information, please see my Disclosure Policy.

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