August 7, 2011

Chanel Peridot, a.k.a. The Polish of the Gods

Chanel Peridot is the Must Have of all Must Haves. You MUST own this if you love nail polish, green, gold, duochrome, or shiny things. I love all of the above, so this polish was clearly designed for me. Not only is Peridot clearly GORGEOUS (are you looking at these pictures?!?), it is also super pigmented! This is two coats, but there was no VNL at only one coat. Seriously. I only bothered with two coats because I think it brought out the duochrome better. This green and gold duochrome is so amazing, I am posting ten pictures of it. If you click read more, I have 8 more pictures of this baby, plus more gushing about it's amazingness.

I thought this post was a good candidate for a jump break (that's the little "read more" thingy), because I do realize that not everyone wants to look at 10 pictures of the same polish. But I do! And if you're reading this, I guess you do too. I took so many pictures because it looked different in different lights and at different angles. Ugh. So HOT. I've read some people complaining that they didn't see much green when this was on their nails, but I see a ton of green.

This applied like butter. Any bubbles you see are the fault of the stupid top coat I have right now. I'm using "Looks Wet" top coat and hate it. I need to go buy a different top coat, I just haven't had time. The Chanel polish itself had no bubbles or flaws of any kind. It's amazing. Will it chip quickly, as other Chanels have on me? Probably, but I DON'T CARE!!!!

I highly recommend that you purchase this. It's expensive, but honestly, I'd rather have this one polish than 6 or 7 boring cremes. It's available at Chanel counters and online at Chanel. It is limited edition, so I would purchase it sooner, rather than later. When I bought this beauty, I also took home one of the new Chanel mousse texture eye shadows and I seriously have to post a look with that as well. I am obsessed with it!

Green/gold duochrome is always worth it. Just saying.


Aly said...

This beauty is already in my wishlist!!! :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

I actually wore this for three days with no chips! Pretty good!