August 13, 2011

NOTD: Essence Kings of Mints

Today I'm wearing Essence Kings of Mints, my very first Essence polish. When I ordered RBL Recycle from Squared Nails' blogsale, she was sweet enough to enclose two Essence minis in my package too! Go check out her fabulous blog, she has some seriously awesome polish up there right now.

Kings of Mints is a really pretty pale robin's egg blue with subtle shimmer. If you click on the above picture, you can see the shimmer. Indoors, it's harder to see. and the polish really looks like a creme. I am a total sucker for this kind of blue, no matter how many I own, I can't get enough.

This is three coats, and you will need the full three coats to get rid of VNL. There was also a bare patch on my pinky nail. The formula on this isn't bad, but it definitely didn't cover 100% evenly. Regardless, I like this color a lot, especially with the subtle shimmer Essence included. Essence polish is pretty cheap, they are on Ulta's website for 99 cents! For that  price, I can forgive it's minor flaws!

I don't see this color on, so I suggest checking your local Ulta for this cute polish!


Sarah said...

Very pretty! I can always over look some small flaws if I love the color and especially for the price. lol. :)

Never Enough Nails said...

I agree Sarah! At 99 cents, it's allowed a few flaws!