April 30, 2011

Hey all, just a quick post today... my boyfriend's sister is getting married today, so I've been a bit busy with the rehearsal dinner last night and the fact that as of Thursday I still didn't have a dress to wear to the wedding!! Don't worry though, I found one!

Just wanted to let you know that SkinCarerx.com is having a great giveaway for Mother's Day! It's for a $250 gift card and they carry a lot of great skin care brands. You can enter the Beautiful Mom Giveaway here.

OK now the important question- my dress is like a raspberry color on top and a royal blue on the bottom.... what polish colors should I wear?????? I'm wearing fuschia and gold shoes by the way. I was thinking Zoya Areej for toes-

Areej is lighter than the top of my dress. Is that too matchy kind of though?? I need SUGGESTIONS!


Anonymous said...

I suggest areej on your toes and a royal blue that matches the bottom half of your dress on your fingers, and a subtle gold glitter (like china glaze's 5 golden rings) over both. That way, your nails match each other and your otufit, without being exactly the same on hands and feet.

Never Enough Nails said...

Great idea! I have China Glaze Medallion, so I think I will try that over my nails and toes!