April 8, 2011

Better Late Than Never- Milani Purple Gleam

Remember awhile back I gave away some of the Milani One Coat Glitters, but I didn't have any for myself? Well, I finally found Purple Gleam to keep for my own collection. Purple Gleam is a dense full coverage glitter polish with bits of black glitter mixed into grape purple glitter.

(blurry pic with flash to show glittery goodness)

Under no circumstances would this polish be a one coater. I did three thin coats for these pictures. You could definitely do two thicker coats to achieve this level of opacity, but unfortunately, one will not cut it. I don't mind having to do two or three coats, I have to do them with most polishes. It kind of annoys me that they actually went and named them "One Coat Glitters". Like... they're very pretty, you didn't need to lie in the name!

My other problem with this polish is that it just devoured my top coat. This is TWO coats of CND Super Shiney Top Coat. Usually Super Shiney is... well, super shiny! But this polish just seemed like it would never be shiny. I think I would wear Seche Vite with this next time. A thicker top coat would probably do a better job.

Overall, I love the color of this polish and that it is a full-coverage glitter. You know I love a glitter, and purple is one of my favorite colors! I just wish they hadn't called these "One Coat Glitters", it kind of sets you up for at least a little disappointment.

You can buy Milani Purple Gleam online at Milani, or in a drugstore near you (if you can find it!).


chell said...

whuii, great color!
1st time i saw this i didnt wanna buy it, now bunch of nail polish blogger swatch it make me want them all

Unknown said...

pretty! do you know how this compares to Color Club Tru Passion?

Morgan said...

I have and love this polish - the color is so pretty! Beautiful swatches :) I agree on the one coat part too... but what can you do lol I use 2 coats of seche vite with mine and it does pretty good.

Melissa B. said...

I just brought Purple Gleam home yesterday! No where near one coat, but quite pretty!

Never Enough Nails said...

Chell- it's definitely gorgeous! It's making me want to order the others as well!

Manicured Monkey- I don't own Tru Passion, but I believe it's quite a bit lighter than this. This looks like it has some black glitter mixed in.

Morgan- I will try it with Seche next time! Super Shiney is just too thin I think!

Melissa- it's a shame they named it One Coat, otherwise, I'd be 100% pleased with it!