April 25, 2011

Buy It Now: Zoya Lola

As I'm sure you all know by now, Zoya is currently holding their annual Polish Exchange (if you don't know, go here and read about it). I thought I'd show you a HOT Zoya color today called Lola. I got this in the Three Free Zoya promotion, but didn't wear it until a few days ago because I was really still rocking winter colors.

As you can see, Lola is a really summer-y type neon pink. Personally, I wear neons on my toes almost all summer long. Nothing says summer quite like a blinding polish color on your toes. Lola is the perfect neon pink for any skin tone. It has a bit of blue-ish shimmer in it that makes it different from other neon pinks I own. I got so many compliments on this polish last week, it was crazy! I decided to wear this polish because it is a very close match to one of the colors in my dancing costume and the World Championships were last week in Ireland. If you noticed the blog was a bit slow, that's because I really did not have internet access!! I think my hotel had a business centre, but I was so busy dancing and watching the dancing, I just didn't have time.

Lola applied better than many other neon polishes I own. Neons tend to be lumpy or streaky, but Lola was nice and smooth. This is three coats and you can see a little VNL, but it's meant to look like that and I don't mind it at all. Lola was completely chip free on me for 4 days, which is basically the longest that polish ever last on me. It also had very little tip wear. These four days included the day of my competition at the Worlds AND traveling all the way home from Ireland. Both of these things are usally rough on nails, so I'd say Lola passed the wear test with flying colors.

If you haven't finished picking out your 6 colors for the Polish Exchange, I definitely recommend Lola. I'll be sporting it all summer.

Also, a few apologies:
1. Sorry if this post is not well written. I got home from Ireland last night and have quite a bit of jet lag. I will be better tomorrow, I'm sure.
2. The dry ragged cuticles are not pretty, I know. That would be the 7 hour flight and airport soap. That will also be better shortly.

Zoya Lola is available online at Zoya.


James Brickman said...

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mNg said...

I don't have any Zoya nail polishes but I love pink! I'm gonna have to get this color. So so gorgeous :D