July 9, 2010

Zoya Wicked Collection Part Two (a.k.a. Part AMAZING!)

Zoya Edyta, three coats, no flash

I'm going to kick off Part Two of the Wicked Collection with the two best polishes of the whole release, possibly of all the fall releases. By the way, I was so excited to post that first post that I forgot to mention- the finish of these polishes is similar to the China Glaze glass fleck finish, super sparkly, but very smooth feeling and easy to remove.

Edyta is an unbelievable green/gold/silver/gunmetal glittering gem that immediately jumped on to my list of Top Ten Favorite Polishes Ever. My pictures don't even show all of it's glory. It's green, but not too green and it really sparkles in all lights. I did three coats just for the camera, I think two would be fine. I'm not waiting til fall to wear this baby!! Must Have. Go order it now. Actually wait until you finish reading this post because you'll want to order Julieanne and Cheryl as well.

Zoya Edyta, three coats, no flash

Zoya Edyta, three coats, no flash

Zoya Julieanne, two coats, no flash

My other favorite of the collection is Julieanne. There are no words for the gorgeousness of Julieanne. It's the perfect shade of deep eggplant purple with serious amounts of smooth glitter. My pictures make this one look too blue. That's one thing about purples, they always turn too blue in pictures. Honestly, this is probably my 2nd favorite polish in the world right now. I will be wearing this all fall and winter. I love dark colors on my toes, so I will basically live with this on my toes for several months. For some weird reason this, like Carrie Ann, appears to have VNL in the picture, but it was not like that in person. This is two coats though, so I guess I could have done three. It looked fantastic in person with just two coats though, so try two first!! This is a Super Must Have. LOL I invented a new category for it.

Zoya Julieanne, two coats, with flash

Zoya Cheryl, two coats, no flash

Cheryl is right up there with Julieanne and Edyta. Cheryl is a chocolate bronze shimmer with the same lovely smooth glitter as the rest of the Wickeds. I can't think of anything like it and it is a really beautiful fall color. It has enough gold/bronze shimmer in it to prevent it from looking like regular chocolate brown. Makes me feel like being all warm and cozy in the winter, even though it's currently 90-something degrees out. This is two coats, Cheryl was nicely pigmented- you might get away with one coat!

Zoya Cheryl, two coats, with flash

Overall, the Wicked Collection is absolutely stunning. There isn't a dud in the whole thing. If you can only get one, get Julieanne. It is the best purple ever. If you can get three, get Julieanne, Edyta and Cheryl. If you can afford all six, I absolutely advise you to go ahead and do that. You won't regret it!!!

The Zoya Wicked Collection is available online at Art of Beauty.

The polishes in this post were sent to me by a PR agent for Art of Beauty. For more information, please see our Disclosure Policy.

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