July 14, 2010

China Glaze Halloween Collection Preview- Awakening

The fall collection news is coming fast and furious these days. Let me tell you though, nothing excites me like GLITTERRRRRRRRR... errr, I mean, the news I just received. China Glaze will be releasing a special Halloween collection featuring three totally unique sounding polishes. Here's what they said about the collection:

"Sink your claws into these three ghoulish glitters from China Glaze, perfect for a night of fright! Uniquely alluring and unlike any other Halloween colors before them, this collection is sure to entice. Colors in the promotion include:

· Zombie Zest: A mossy green shade with gold flecks of micro glitter.

· Ick-A-Body: A dark green base chock full of orange glitter.

· Mummy May I: Vampy, wine colored purple with flecks of hot pink glitter"

I can't even speak right now. I'm so excited. It's three glitters. Zombie Zest is one of the polish names. OMG.

Background info- Halloween has been my favorite holiday for a large portion of my life. In elementary school, my best friend and I would start counting down the days to Halloween as much as 90 days ahead of time. We also would turn my living room into a "haunted house" and dress as witches year round. So obviously, "Zombie Zest"= made for me.

Apparently this release will be pretty limited and will be available at Sally Beauty Supply and some e-tailers. I will basically sleep outside Sally Beauty until I get these. K thx bye.


Libby's Pink Vanity said...

Very cool. I think that's a good idea staking out on Sally's front door...hee hee!

Never Enough Nails said...

Me too Kimberly! Especially since I missed out on Fortune Teller last year. I still regret that!!!