July 9, 2010

Zoya Fall 2010 Wicked Collection Part One

You know when you come home from vacation all bummed out because your vacation is over and you had to leave whatever fun and wonderful place you went to? That was how I was feeling last night. Until I walked in the door and saw a box from Art of Beauty's PR company sitting on my table!! I immediately ripped it open and found 12 gleaming fall treasures sitting in the box- The Wicked and Wonderful Collections. These polishes are SOOOOO gorgeous, they make me wish it was fall already!! I might start wearing them now, even though it's only July!

The Wicked Collection (my obvious favorite) includes:

Edyta- fern green sparkling metallic
Julieanne- byzantium purple sparkling metallic
Cheryl- chocolate bronze sparkling metallic
Karina- garnet red sparkling metallic
Carrie Ann- venetian red sparkling metallic
Kym- cardinal mauve sparkling metallic

Now, if you remember, the polishes in the Zoya Sparkle Collection for Summer 2010 were also described as "sparkling metallics", so if you liked those, you will also LOVE these!! Like all other Zoya polishes, these are all free of toluene, camphor, formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and other chemicals we can't pronounce. Most of these are perfect with two coats and the application on all of them was absolutely flawless. And now, on to the good stuff!! I'm doing this in a couple parts just because I just got home and am trying to organize myself as well as swatch these.

Zoya Kym, three coats, no flash

First up is a total sleeper hit for me- Kym! Kym was described as a cardinal mauve, but I would call it "rust". In the bottle, it looks like your ordinary red, but it is very unusual on the nail. It's rust-y, mauve-y, almost pink-brown. I love it and own absolutely nothing like it. I did three coats with this one, but you could definitely get away with two. I will wear this all fall and winter, on nails and toes too! Kym is a Must-Have for me!

Zoya Kym, three coats, with flash

Zoya Kym, three coats, no flash

Zoya Karina, two coats, no flash

Next up is Karina. I would say that "garnet" is a good description here. This is a gorgeous sparkling jewel red. It's super opaque in two coats and I see it being very flattering on all kinds of skin tones. I never mind when companies include beautiful sparkling reds in collections. I get tired of red cremes, but a good glittery red is fabulous year round on nails and toes, so sign me up for Karina! If you don't own a good deep jewel-like red, grab Karina immediately.

Zoya Karina, two coats, with flash

Zoya Carrie Ann, two coats, no flash

The last of the sparkling reds is Carrie Ann. Carrie Ann is a lighter, brighter cherry red. It's a very happy looking color and again will be flattering on many skin colors. This is two coats, and although it looks like there is VNL, it didn't look like that in person. Carrie Ann is not completely unique in my collection, but it's very pretty and I will absolutely wear it several times this fall and winter.

Zoya Carrie Ann, two coats, with flash

Who likes the Dancing with the Stars names?? I do!!! Now, I just need to go eat some food, and I will be back with Part Two of the Wicked Collection (Cheryl, Edyta, and Julieanne). Please believe the best is yet to come. Just wait until you see the three coming up, ohhhhh mannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn are they MUST HAVES!!!!!

The Zoya Wicked and Wonderful Collections are available online at Art of Beauty.

The polishes in this post were sent to me by a PR agent for Art of Beauty. For more information, please see our Disclosure Policy.

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