December 7, 2009

Our First Post!!

Hey Lacquer Lovers!
Welcome to Never Enough Nails! This blog will feature reviews and photos of new nail polish, reviews and photos of nail products, photos of some fabulous old nail polishes that you may not own, and some special posts each week about other beauty products we love.
We thought we'd kick off the blog with a review and photos of a recently released polish that is right on trend for this winter and will look fresh right into Spring 2010! I'm talking about Essie Mint Candy Apple.

Mint Candy Apple sunlight, no flash

Mint Candy Apple was released in a collection of three polishes. The other two are Lollipop, a shiny red creme, and Rock Candy, a pale pink creme. Lollipop and Rock Candy look like nice basic polishes. I did not buy them because I probably own 30 red cremes and 20 pink cremes already! If you're in the market for either of those colors, though, I highly recommend Essie's formula.

Mint Candy Apple indoors with flash

Essie's polishes are usually in the pale, sheer pink department, but when they stray from that path, the results are fantastic! All of these pictures show three thin coats of Mint Candy Apple and one coat of Seche Vite top coat. The application was easy, maybe a bit on the streaky side, but that is often the case with most pastel polish. The sunlight, no flash pictures are pretty accurate in terms of color, the polish is maybe a tad more green than it appears here.

sunlight, no flash

Mint Candy Apple is more on the green side than China Glaze For Audrey. It appears to be less green than China Glaze Re-Freshmint, from the upcoming Up and Away collection. I'll do comparison shots as soon as I get my hands on Re-Freshmint!

Overall, EC votes Essie Mint Candy Apple a Must Have for any polish lover this season.

Buy Essie Mint Candy Apple at a Beauty Plus Salon near you or online at Transdesign.

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