December 20, 2009

China Glaze Glitters Part 1!!

Finally, I have swatches of some of the China Glaze Specialty Collection (a.k.a. GLITTERS!!!!!). This collection features 50 glitter and chrome polishes that China Glaze is releasing a handful at a time. This combines two of my favorite things in the polish world- China Glaze and GLITTER!
If you're not familiar with China Glaze polish, hurry up and buy some!! China Glaze has a huge range of amazing colors to suit any polish taste and has a long-lasting, easy to apply formula. The company really seems to listen to polish fanatics as well. They constantly include green polishes in their collections and even re-released an old collection (The Wizard of Ooh Ahz) due to fanatic demand.

Before we get into the amazing glitters, a quick note about the pictures- I do realize that some of these are blurry. However, with glitter polish, it usually seems that the best way to capture both the color and glittery-ness is in a blurry picture. Also, my fingers look really red in some of these, but I was afraid to do anything about that because I thought it was more important to show an accurate picture of the polish color, as you're not planning on buying my fingers. All pictures were taken with no flash standing next to a window, unless otherwise noted. All polishes are shown with Seche Vite top coat. And now, the glitter bombs!

Nova with flash

First up is Nova, a silver glitter polish with small and medium size glitter pieces. The medium size pieces are those gorgeous holo/color changing glitters that make the glitter look like rainbows. Nova can easily be worn alone (this is three coats) or as a topcoat. I am planning on wearing this over a silver polish for New Year's Eve!

Nova close-up

I think the above picture really shows the rainbow-y effect, as well as the size of the glitter.

Meteor Shower

Next up is Meteor Shower. This is a dark blue polish with silver glitter. EK and I were really excited for this one. However, the dark polish kind of hides a lot of the glitter, so it's not quite as glittery as I would like. With that said, once you are aware that it's not the glitter bomb of the year, this is still quite a pretty polish. I did two coats of polish for these pictures, but if you can manage to evenly cover your nail in one coat, this glitter might show up better.

Meteor Shower close-up


Now for an EK/EC favorite- Medallion. Medallion is a bit like Nova in that it contains two different sizes of glitter. Medallion, however, contains more of the small glitter and that makes it a better stand alone polish than Nova. EK and I wear this one alone all the time (this is three coats). It also looks great over another polish, see below one coat of Medallion over two coats of Barielle Pin-Up (this would be a great holiday look).

Medallion over Barielle Pin-Up

Medallion close-up

Luna with flash

Next up is another favorite, Luna. Luna is a blue-ish silver polish with the same medium holo-ish glitter as Nova. If you took the glitter out of this one, it would be a frost finish blue-ish silver. With the glitter, it is just gorgeous. I had a really hard time capturing this color on camera however. I don't think my picture quite does it justice (shown with two coats)!

Carnival Lights

I don't know how many favorites we're allowed to have in one collection, but Carnival Lights is yet another favorite! I really love this polish!!!! This is a deep pink, almost mauve, jelly polish with the same medium size holographic glitter as Luna and Nova. This is a little bit sheer (shown with three coats) and normally I hate anything sheer, but I just love this color with this size glitter and the jelly finish of the base. Stunning!

Bad Kitty

To be totally honest, I am fairly certain EK and I bought this next polish just for the name. Bad Kitty is a sheer hot pink jelly base with small iridescent glitter pieces. I like this color and glitter combination a lot, but it is pretty sheer (shown with three coats). If you don't mind sheer polishes, this is gorgeous!

more Bad Kitty

Overall, I love China Glaze for giving us so many amazing glitters!! Some of these polishes have worked their way into very regular wear for both of us. EK wears Medallion just about every third mani LOL. Since we purchased these polishes, I have worn one at least once a week, every week.
Now, the semi-bad news, these do not seem to last as long as the regular China Glaze polishes. I don't know why that would be, but I have experienced significantly less wear time with the glitters. They are also, like all glitters, a real pain to remove.
The good news is that these are gorgeous enough to put up with both of the factors if you, like us, LOVE glitter!!!! These polishes also dry very quickly, so they're great for the holidays when you're rushing around like a maniac, but you still want some sparkle!

Stay tuned for Part Two of the China Glaze glitters, including Blue Hawaiian, Dollhouse(<3), Ginger, Cosmic, and Electric Lilac!

Some China Glaze glitters can be purchased at your local Sally Beauty Supply (Find One), or view the whole collection at 8ty8beauty.


Christine said...

These are gorgeous! I love love love Luna! It's just like the moon!

Jess said...

Wow! I love these polishes! I think I might order Carnival Lights, Nova, and Medallion.
Can't wait for part II!

Claudia said...

I am so excited for these! I have already asked my bf to buy these for me. I love them all! BTW Nice blog....I check in on this more often.

Never Enough Nails said...

Christine- Luna is definitely one of our favorites! You should pick it up!

Jess- Part Two should be up in a few days and then you can add a few more to your list!

Claudia- I hope your bf gets them for you!! Stay tuned for Part Two, and thanks for reading the blog!

Grace said...

Bad Kitty loves you.

jamie (the amazing) said...

well,I must say, in all of my years of "polishing" I have never seen such beautiful polishes...... thank you for being so honest with all of your reviews.

Never Enough Nails said...

Well hey there Jamie the amazing! I'm guessing Bad Kitty is your favorite here, right?? Thanks for reading!!!!!

Jamie (the amazing) said...

You are most certainly right!!!!! Bad kitty is
my favorite polish and I don't go a day without reading this blog.

Jamie (the amazing) said...

Also, the medallion reminds me of Ke$ha.
She has cool dance moves and this polish suits her

Never Enough Nails said...

Medallion is one of our FAVORITE favorites!!!!! It is super sparkly and dries fast too!