December 28, 2009

An Introduction to Zoya Polish, Part I

I know there are a lot of nail polish lovers out there who have yet to hear of a little company called Zoya. I know this because I myself am very new to Zoya polish. Zoya is only sold on Art Of Beauty or in very exclusive salons and spas, so you can't just run to your local Ulta and grab a few bottles. However, I am going to show/tell you why ordering these polishes online is SO worth the shipping cost!!

Zoya nail polish is natural and free of formaldehyde, toulene, dibutyl phthalate and camphor. They have over 300 gorgeous colors to choose from and the polish has been voted the longest lasting natural polish by various magazines. Zoya also releases four seasonal collections a year. Need another reason to try their polish? They very often have AMAZING deals and offers, such as their recent Black Friday deal, or should I say Green Friday? On Black Friday (the Friday after Thanksgiving), if you ordered $20 or more from Art of Beauty, you received SIX, yes I said SIX, FREE green Zoya polishes. Let me repeat. SIX. FREE. GREEN. How would I pass that up?

So, without further ado, here are the SIX FREE GREEN Zoya polishes I got with my Green Friday order (all pictures taken with no flash unless otherwise noted).

Zoya Suvi, two coats

Suvi is a dark green shimmer. Although it is very dark, it is definitely green in all lights and never looks black. Application is just smooth like butter and amazing. I love this polish, it reminds me of gardens (shimmery gardens?). I took one picture with flash to show the shimmer-

Zoya Suvi w/flash

Zoya Veruschka w/flash, two coats

Veruschka is one of Zoya's Matte Velvet polishes. Matte Velvet means the polish is a matte finish, but has some shimmer to it. I think the above picture shows you what that looks like pretty well. Zoya's Matte Velvets are kind of similar to OPI's Suede finish polishes, except the Zoya polishes contain finer shimmer. Veruschka is just gorgeous in my opinion. Stunning. Unlike other matte polishes I have tried, this one actually wears very well. My mom is like the ultimate wear-tester. She washes her hands constantly, is always doing things with her hands, etc. This polish lasted about three days on her with only minor tipwear and no chipping! Mattes usually are good for a day or less. Application was great on this as well! Sometimes mattes dries so quickly you can't apply evenly, but this one had no such trouble. Definitely a new favorite of mine.

Zoya Veruschka w/flash

Zoya Irene, two coats

Irene is yet another gorgeous green. This is a kind of army green shimmer, with a little bit of duochrome effect. The duochrome is very slight golden/orangey tint, but adds a very interesting twist to this polish. I don't own anything like this polish. Application and wear were fantastic on this one as well.

Zoya Irene

Zoya Midori w/flash, two coats

Ahhh Midori. I just LOVE this color. I remember when Midori was first advertising a lot. I loved the color of the drink back then, and I don't even drink. Thank goodness somebody turned it into a polish! I think the picture with flash shows the shimmer the best, but it makes the color a little brighter. The color of the polish in the no flash picture isn't really right either. It's too dark and flat. This is one of those polishes that doesn't show up properly on camera. But if you love green or unusual polish colors, ORDER MIDORI NOW! Application and wear were wonderful!

Zoya Midori

Zoya Tangy, three coats

If you like Midori as much as I do, you'll probably like it's lighter, more yellow cousin Tangy. Oh, I had a little party when I saw Tangy, I'll admit it. I'm sure this polish isn't flattering on everyone's skin tone, but I choose polish colors that I love, not that flatter my skin LOL. This is a very bright, yellow-green shimmer with a little of the duochrome effect that Irene had. Very slight, but it's there and adds dimension to the polish. I did three coats with this one because two wasn't quite opaque enough for my liking. Application and wear lovely, like the others.

Zoya Tangy

Zoya Envy, two coats

Last, but not least, is Envy. Envy is a dark green creme. In some lights, it could appear almost black, but I found it looked green the vast majority of the time. If I had to pick a least favorite of all of these greens, Envy would probably be it. But only because I am not really a huge fan of cremes. This polish is still gorgeous and fills a need for a dark green creme that doesn't venture into blue or teal territory. Application and wear were good. I always think cremes are harder to apply than shimmers for some reason, but as cremes go, the formula on this was excellent. I took these pictures next to a window, but the sun was going away, so this one is a bit blurry. Lovely Connecticut, we have like 4 hours of sunlight a day right now.

Overall, I got six polishes for free and am absolutely in love with every single one! The formula on these is fantastic, the wear time is definitely as good as OPI, if not better, and these colors are drool-worthy! These six polishes are my first experience with Zoya and I have already fallen in love with the company. I can't wait for their next seasonal release! buy Zoya polish at Art Of Beauty! I also recommend following Zoya on Twitter and becoming a fan on Facebook if you want to hear about amazing offers like the Green Friday deal.

Next up... Zoya Intro Part II, seven non-green Zoya polishes! (yes, I already have 13 Zoyas and I just started ordering from them the day after Thanksgiving).

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