November 2, 2020

50% OFF Zoya Polish, Today Only!!


How many reds, greens, blues or mauve nail polishes can you have? For us the answer is always; MORE. Yes we have over 500 shades but there are still so many more to make and we are making them every single day.  That's why once In a while we need to have a polish party so everyone can get their favorite shades and try something new as well. 

Zoya polishes are formulated without toluene, formaldehyde, DBP, camphor and parabens.  Vegan friendly and cruelty free the Zoya formula is designed to be the longest wearing natural nail polish and the smart choice women worldwide looking for a healthier alternative without sacrificing quality and wear.  There are over 500 shades to choose from including one coat creams, holos and textured pixie dust shades.

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