January 24, 2018

Zoya Party Girls Winter/Holiday Swatches, Part 2!

*Sent for review*

Today I have the second half of the lovely Zoya Party Girls collection. Like the first half, these colors are great year round, they are not really holiday specific. So if you didn't order these before the holidays and are regretting it now, no worries, you can wear these any time! For example, Zoya Kelsey is a great Barbie fuchsia creme that is perfect now, great for spring, and works well in the summer. Zoya describes this as a "muted cerise pink". It's not that muted really, but it's not super bright either. Kelsey will look lovely on all sorts of skin tones.

This is two easy coats and the formula is great. This is a pretty standard pink color, but if you're looking for one with great application, you can't go wrong here.

Zoya Danielle is a very interesting shade of blue, more unique than I was expecting. Danielle is a dark periwinkle and has lots of purple and gray mixed in with the blue. While it has a lot of purple-y tones, it still manages to be mostly blue and not what I would call a "blurple" (remember when that term was being thrown around constantly?). Love that Zoya took periwinkle and made it into a darker, moodier shade!

Two perfect coats, no fuss here! I also had no staining when I removed this, although I only had it on for a short time to swatch.

Zoya Isadora is a jewel-toned wine purple shimmer with hints of magenta. It is described as "rich, refined pearl in magenta plum". The shimmer is a really smooth glowy kind, very soft and not chunky. This is nice and vampy, but not so dark that it looks black. The magenta in the base color really helps the shade not get too murky looking.

This is two coats. I thought the consistency was a bit on the thin side. Be careful not to load up your brush too much, or it will flood your cuticles.

Zoya Landon is a rich purple creme, described as a "mysterious, deep aubergine cream". It's not too deep though, so it still provides a nice pop of color. It's pretty well balanced between red and blue based, so it will be flattering for a variety of skin tones.

Two coats, nice pigmentation. Zoya's creme formula is so consistent lately, they just have really perfected it over the years.

I wrote in my notes that Zoya Delaney reminds me of spring irises and it really fits. It's that exact shade of purple iris flowers. Depending on the light and the angle of your nails, you will also see flashes of blue, green, and some silver. Zoya calls this one a "royal multichromatic (pewter, blue, purple, green), metallic flip". The multichrome effect isn't overly strong, but it's there for sure and quite pretty. Almost like a soft multichrome.

Delaney was a bit sheer on the first coat, but started to build up nicely after the second. I did use three thin coats here for the best coverage. The formula is easy to apply, but you may see a brushstroke here and there.

Ahhhhh man, Zoya Blake is my spirit color right now. Blake is the color you wear when the holidays are over and the dark gross month of January has begun (I hate January, can you tell?). It's dark and moody, but has a gorgeous shimmer that lifts your mood a little. Blake is a deep navy sapphire with a smooth light golden shimmer. Love this one so much!

This is two coats. Application was very easy, no complaints here at all!

My favorites from this half of the Party Girls collection are Blake and Danielle. Overall, I think this collection was very well curated and the shades are lovely for parties, but also for daily life throughout the year. This makes the Party Girls collection a very solid buy for your polish wardrobe. Check out my swatches of the first half of the collection here.

The Zoya Party Girls collection is available now at Zoya.com.

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