January 11, 2018

Zoya Party Girls Winter/Holiday Swatches Part 1!

*Sent for review*

This is probably the latest I have ever been with swatching a holiday collection and I feel terrible about it! The weather was so cold here in December, I couldn't bring myself to go outside and take nail pictures. I finally caved and got a light box, so that will not be an issue anymore. The good news is that these Zoya Party Girls polishes will be perfect year round, they are not too season specific. First up is Zoya Nadia, described as "a buildable, sparkling, gingery gold metallic "disco" topper". Zoya says you can wear this alone or layer over other colors. I tried it alone and think it's lovely. I will definitely try it layered for the next post too, I didn't even think to do that when I was swatching these. Nadia is a really buttery copper color, like the perfect balance between gold and copper.

This is three thin coats. It was sheer on the first coat, which makes sense if they wanted you to be able to layer it as well, but built up to full opacity in three coats. The consistency was on the thinner side, so don't load your brush up with too much polish or you'll flood your cuticles. I also found Nadia to be unusually slow to dry in between coats. You can't apply a second coat too quickly or you will disturb the first one. Love the color, just be aware that it's not the most effortless formula.

Zoya Solstice is a gorgeous red-orange with a healthy dose of golden shimmer. It's very bright and cheery. Both the color and the name would work just as well in a summer collection as they do in a holiday collection. If you're already sick of winter like I am, pop on Solstice and pretend you're on a tropical vacation.

This is two easy coats. The first coat had lovely pigmentation, so if you do thicker coats than me, you may be able to get away with one. Great formula on this one.

Zoya Tawny is a sparkling copper with some rosy red tones that make it unique from the 8 billion other coppers I own. I love copper polish and this one is my new favorite. There are gold sparkles that contrast with the deep copper and add that "glowing" look.

This is two easy coats. Nice formula and really no complaints.

Next up we have Zoya Ming. Now, I thought there was already a Zoya Ming? But I Googled and don't see one, so maybe that was my imagination. Ming is a scarlet red creme, a nice true red. This is sort of a squishy creme. I wouldn't call it a jelly really, but it's definitely a little more transparent than a creme.

This is two coats. It was easy to apply and has a great consistency.

The finish of Zoya Fallon is SO beautiful, just so glowy and smooth! Zoya calls this formula a "refined pearl", it's like the smoothest looking shimmer I've ever seen. It absolutely lights up the polish on your nails. Fallon is a violet magenta and has a nice mix of red and blue tones. Despite not being a huge pink polish fan, I can't wait to wear this!

This is two coats again and it was easy to apply. I did feel like it was slow to dry in between coats, like Nadia. It's not really an issue, just as long as you don't try to apply the second coat too soon after the first.

Zoya Sheri is a deep garnet red creme. Like Ming, it's a little on the squishy side, not a true creme. It has more pink tones than Ming and is a lot darker too. Sheri will be great for any Valentine's Day nail looks you have in mind.

Two coats again, great formula. No problems with application.

If I had to play favorites with these six, I think Fallon and Tawny are my top two. But overall, I think these are all gorgeous and perfect for winter and beyond. These six are available in a set at zoya.com, as well as individually. I'm looking forward to swatching the second half of this collection, so stay tuned for that!

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