June 1, 2015

Two Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Treats for Summer 2015!

*Sent for review*

I've been curious about the Miracle Gel polishes, Sally Hansen's contribution to the collection of "no light curing needed" gel polishes that have been popping up recently. I got the chance to try two of their summer shades from the Miracle Gel Poolside Paradise collection this week. Sally Hansen Dive Bar is a gorgeous bright blue creme. Sally Hansen calls it a "true cerulean blue", I like to think of this as "pool liner blue" myself. It's a perfect summer blue, I love this shade!

This is two easy coats of Dive Bar. It had a great consistency, that gel-like texture that is so easy to control and apply. I didn't do any clean-up with these swatches. The pigmentation was great too. The Miracle Gels have the same wide, flat brush as the Sally Hansen Insta Dri and Complete Salon Manicure polishes. I find Sally Hansen's brushes to be very easy to use, but I know some people disagree. 

Sally Hansen Swimsical is a gorgeous teal creme. It's the perfect balance of green and blue. Teals always feel very summery to me. I wore this to test the wear over the course of some very work-packed days and I still felt relaxed whenever I looked at my nails. It's crazy how much better a pretty mani really makes me feel, anyone like that?

This is two coats of Swimsical and it had the same gel feel with great pigmentation.  It was easy to apply and very controllable. A few notes about both of these- I used the Miracle Gel top coat, as you're supposed to with these. I suspect other top coats would work though. Drying time was pretty quick. Faster than I expected, considering that the Miracle Gel top coat isn't a quick dry. I can see some brushstrokes from the top coat, but I'd guess that's because I needed to do a thicker coat of that. I do tend to do thin coats and I think I didn't get enough of the top coat on the brush for this formula.
*Edited to add- I had absolutely NO staining with this when I removed it, which is great because teals sometimes are the staining devil.

Below you can see Swimsical after 2.5 days of wear. This was consistent for all of my nails, including my right (dominant) hand. It's just a bit of tip wear, I did not have a single chip at this point. I actually wore this for 3.5 days and had slightly more tip wear, two very small chips and a bit of dulling to the shine, but not much. I originally intended to take pics after 3.5 days, but I broke a nail pretty badly, so they're all different lengths and I just can't show you that! I am very happy with this wear time. It's very good for me personally. Usually by 2.5 days I have several chips and by 3.5 I've already given up and taken it off. I like that you use your regular base coat with the Miracle Gel system. I find that my base coat is actually the thing that affects my wear time the most, so using my tried and true one definitely helps here.

*Sent for review*

I love these two polishes for summer, they're great colors and really quick and easy to use (just what I want in the hot months!). I also am impressed with the Miracle Gel formula and I think I'll be picking up some more of them! 

The Sally Hansen Miracle Gel Poolside Paradise collection is available now at a drugstore near you!

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