June 15, 2015

OPI Brights for Summer 2015 Swatches, Part 1!

 *Sent for review*

The OPI Brights collection is always a fun collection to swatch. This year's Brights offering features six brand new shades and three shades that were released with last year's Neons. Let's start off with the shimmering pink OPI Hotter Than You Pink. This is a pretty medium pink with lovely shimmer that sometimes leans a little blue, depending on the light. This is one of the shades that came out with the Neon collection last year. If you'd like to see this or the other two repeats swatched over a white base, check out my pictures from last year.

This is three coats of Hotter Than You Pink. Three coats was nicely was opaque, while two coats still had too much VNL for my personal preference. This was easy to apply and had a nice consistency.

The lone glitter in the Brights collection is OPI On Pinks and Needles. On Pinks and Needles is a mix of several different sizes of hot pink hex glitter in a clear base. This makes for a very graphic pop of glitter over a clean white base! It's a great summer glitter for sure.

This is one coat of On Pinks and Needles over two coats of OPI Angel with a Leadfoot. This polish has lots of glitter and the base was not too thick and goopy, so it was easy to apply. The larger pieces of glitter had to be pushed into place a bit, but it wasn't too difficult.

Another repeat from last year, OPI Down to the Core-al, is a gorgeous hot shimmering coral. This is a gorgeous mix of red, orange and hints of pink. I love the shimmer in this too, it's very prominent and has that almost blue tint to it. Down to the Core-al also looks incredible and very bright over a white base. I wore it that way many times last summer and loved it!

This is three coats of Down to the Core-al. Again, two coats still had a bit too much VNL for my liking. This was nice to work with otherwise, no real complaints. Sorry for the lack of clean-up again, I am getting acetone today!

This shimmering blue beauty is OPI I Sea You Wear OPI. This is different from some other blue shimmers we've seen lately, because it has an iridescent rainbow cast to it, depending on the light. I saw a nice purple/pink shimmer to this in person. It's more complex than just a shimmery blue and I like this one a lot.

This is three coats and I could still see some VNL at three coats, so I do wish it was more opaque. However, it's so pretty, I'll forgive it. Aside from the VNL, it applied well.

OPI Can't Hear Myself Pink! is like I Sea You Wear OPI's pink cousin. This shimmering metallic pink has iridescent, almost duo chrome-like, shimmer that sets it apart from other pink shimmers. This has the most lovely amber shimmer, you can see it in the bottle above and in the two pictures below. The lighting in these pictures is a little strange, but I just had to capture this orange-y golden flash for you, and I could only do that in the shade.

This is three coats of Can't Hear Myself Pink!. It was easy to apply and had a nice formula.

*Sent for review*

Of these five, I think my favorite is Can't Hear Myself Pink!. The amber shimmer is just so pretty and unique! I also still love Down to the Core-al. I'll have the rest of the 2015 Brights up for you in a day or two!

The OPI Brights collection is available now at Ulta.com and professional salons.

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