September 2, 2014

Zoya Ignite Fall 2014 Swatches!

 *Sent for review*

The Zoya Ignite collection is the fall nail polish collection I've been looking forward to the most. Something about the mix of colors with the shimmering finish really gets me excited for fall. Well, I can tell you that these beauties did not disappoint! All but one of these was perfectly opaque in two coats and a breeze to apply. I will point out the only one that needed 3 coats when I get to it.

Zoya India is a "deep, luxurious red with a gold liquid metallic shimmer" according to Zoya. That's a perfect description. India is a very luxe looking rich red, with a smattering a gold shimmer. This one really makes me think of Christmas. I will definitely be pulling it out around then!

Zoya Yuna is my second favorite of the Ignite collection. Yuna is a warm, smoky grey with gold and copper shimmer. The mix of gold, copper and warm grey makes it look a little greenish grey in some lights, and I love that. I don't think I captured the greenish effect as strongly in the photos, but it's there in person. You can see a bit of it on the ring and pinky nails in the picture above.  

Yuna is really unique and I think it's a must have for any grey polish lover. It's not really a neutral, conservative grey, but I like that!

I am a big sucker for copper polish year round, but especially in the fall. It's no surprise that I love Zoya Autumn. Autumn is a glowing copper with gold shimmer. The gold shimmer in this one is really neat. You can almost see each piece of shimmer mixed in with the copper base. I included the picture below even though it's a bit blurry because I think it shows off the gold shimmer.

Autumn is perfect for a fall collection. It's named Autumn and it's the color of the leaves falling from the trees. It makes me think of pumpkin picking and apple cider! In fact, I will probably wear this pumpkin picking.

Zoya Sansa is a deep blue-based purple with gold shimmer. The gold shimmer in this looks more gold in the bottle. On the nail, it looks like a white gold shimmer, maybe just a hint of yellow gold. Zoya calls Sansa a "deep eggplant with gold metallic sparkle". It is seriously sparkly!

I did need three coats of Sansa. As always, I will tell you that I do thin coats, so you may be fine with two. I just found the first coat to be a little streaky, and though the second coat was near opaque, I thought the third coat would really bring out the beauty of the polish. The formula was great, just like the others. These are a really nice consistency and very easy to work with.

Zoya Teigen is a pinkish red with copper shimmer, or as Zoya calls it a "pink-toned cranberry with copper liquid metal". Teigen looks very fuchsia on me, maybe like a bright cranberry. The copper shimmer is very apparent in the bottle, but once it's on the nail, it looks kind of like a paler gold shimmer. Teigen is bright enough that I feel like I could still wear it now, while I'm wearing summer shades, but it's also a lovely year round polish.

And now for my favorite of the bunch and a polish that will live on my nails this fall (and I might possibly need a back up!), Zoya Remy. Remy is a gorgeous jewel-like indigo with gold and copper shimmer. As in Yuna, the combination of gold and copper results in a greenish tinge sometimes. In some lights, Remy looks almost like a blackened teal. Blue is probably my favorite polish color, it's certainly the color I own the most of, and Remy has just shot straight to my #1 blue. If you like blue polish, get this now. If you're thinking it looks similar to other blue shimmers you might own, think again. Remy has much more dimension and it much richer than any other blue shimmer I have.

I just had a craving to see Remy with matte top coat, so here you are! You can kind of see a hint of that greenish tinge I mentioned in this picture. I love it shimmery and matte!

*Sent for review*

The Zoya Ignite collection definitely lives up to my high expectations. I love this collection and there isn't a bad polish in it. Typically, I tell you my favorites of the collection, although I feel a bit silly this time since my favorites are most of the collection! They are Remy, Yuna, Autumn and Sansa. But I wouldn't want to leave India and Teigen behind either! Well done Zoya!

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Ananka said...

:-D Gorgeous. I want them all hehe :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

Good choice Ananka. I couldn't pick any to leave behind if I tried!