September 26, 2014

Zoya Fall 2014 Ultra PixieDust Swatches!

 *Sent for review*

I am really excited about today's post- the fall Zoya Ultra PixieDust polishes! I have liked the past Ultra PixieDusts for their extra sparkly large hex glitter, but for me the pastel-ish colors have not really been calling my name. However, these three are just gorgeous jewel colors and I love them! Zoya Oswin is a red textured matte base with large holo hex glitters. Oswin is a cool toned red with a nicely sparkly finish. One thing I want to mention about all three of these new Ultra PixieDusts is that I found them to be less rough than the Magical PixieDusts. They feel more like a matte jelly base with glitter, rather than so much texture. I actually happened to be wearing Zoya Bar the week before these arrived and felt that these new ones were quite a lot smoother. These aren't likely to be snagging on your clothes or anything, so if you thought the Magical PixieDusts were too rough, still give these a chance.

Oswin was really easy for me to apply. It was nicely pigmented- this is two coats. When I use textures, I typically do not use a base coat (unless I think the polish will stain). I think some people were having trouble with these drying when they were applied over a base coat, but without base coat, they dry quickly. For me, part of the appeal of textures is that I don't need to use base or top coat. Nail pajamas!

Below is Zoya Oswin with one coat of Gelous. This felt pretty smooth to the touch. If you wanted a 100% glassy finish, you might want to use another layer of top coat. I personally liked Oswin better matte. The hex glitters kind of fade away with top coat.

Zoya Arianna is a raspberry red matte texture with large holo hex glitter. Arianna definitely has a pinkish/purple cast on me. Zoya describes this polish as "blue-toned red wine" and classifies it in the "red" color family, but I probably would place it more in the purple category. Or at least red-plum. It's a lovely color for fall! I do love a good red-plum!

This is three coats of Arianna. It had good coverage in two coats, but I felt like I could see a hair of VNL and the color just popped more with the third coat. You may be fine with just two coats though.

Below you can see Arianna with one layer of Gelous. Now this one I LOVE with top coat! I'm not sure why I like Oswin better matte and Arianna better shiny, but I do! It looks so juicy and kind of mysteriously plummy at the same time. Gorgeous! The top coat really gives Arianna great dimension and depth.

 OMGEEEEEEEEEEE.... This one has me drooling all over the place!!! Zoya Noir is freaking beautiful. Noir is a vampy purple base with red small glitter and large red hex glitter. The contrast between the plummy base and the red glitter is what makes this so fabulous. Noir just jumped into the list of my top 5 favorite textures EVER and I think it is by far the best and most unique of Zoya's Magical/Ultra PixieDusts.

Happily, Noir applied really well too. This is two coats and there was plenty of the pretty red glitter. If you have longer nails, I could see you needing a third coat to cover up any VNL, since the base is kind of a matte jelly. My nails are pretty short right now, so two coats was perfect. As was the case with the other two Ultra PixieDusts, Noir was easy to apply. Zoya recommends not using a base coat with these and allowing each coat to dry before applying another. 

Here is Noir with one coat of Gelous. I like it with top coat, but I think I prefer it without. The top coat darkens the plum base and lessens the contrast between the base and the glitter. I really like how the red glitter pops against the vampy purple. This was smooth to the touch with one layer of top coat.

Now, let me apologize for this picture below, but I wanted to show you Zoya Oswin (left) vs. Zoya Chyna (right). It was about to rain when I was finishing up these swatches, so I just slapped them on two nails on my right hand and my right middle nail cuticle and I were having an argument that day. You can see that Oswin and Chyna are similar in color, Oswin is more cool-toned and blue-based (making it look pinker). The glitter is also different, Chyna ends up looking a bit more sparkly, even though Oswin has the larger glitter. You probably don't need both of these, so it just depends on if you want a pinker red or a more true red and how much sparkle you like. I like the finish of Oswin myself, it has a kind of frosted glass effect to it.

*Sent for review*

These three Ultra PixieDusts are definitely my favorite of the Zoya textures with larger hex glitter polishes. Noir might be my favorite Zoya texture period (including the regular PixieDusts!). If you like sparkle and texture polish, you definitely need at least one of these for sure. These aren't too rough feeling and they look gorgeous with top coat, so even if you aren't a texture fan, you might see one or two you like! The Zoya Fall Ultra PixieDusts are available now on


Ananka said...

Oh wow these all look really good :-)

Never Enough Nails said...

I really love them Ananka! I wasn't expecting to, but I do!