January 31, 2014

Lynnderella Spam, Vol. V

 *Lynnderellas purchased by me. Some base polishes sent for review, see end of post*

It's time for another round of Lynnderella manis! I decided to show you three different manis I did using Lynnderella Eight Maids Minting because it's interesting how different the same polish looks with different bases! Eight Maids Minting is a core polish from this years holiday collection. The first picture is two dabbed coats over Nicole by OPI Alex by Books (LOVE this!). Next up is Eight Maids Minting sandwiched between layers of OPI Care to Danse?.

And the next one is really different, Eight Maids over Nicole by OPI Khloe Had a Little Lam-Lam, a deep teal. I love the way this look brings out the shimmer in Eight Maids!

Lynnderella Ten Pipers Pinking is a little something different from Lynn. This one is all very small fine holographic fuchsia and blue glitter. This is three coats of Ten Pipers all by itself, no undies required. I hope she starts doing more like this beauty! This is also core and readily available.

Lynnderella Twelve Lads with Lemmings is another core from the holiday collection. This is a great mix of purple glitters along with yellow, red, silver and a ton of other colors. This is one coat over Sally Hansen Insta Dri Lively Lilac.

Lynnderella Feint of Heart is a core from the Halloween collection that I just got around to wearing recently. This is amazing, it has tons and tons of shimmer, yellow, black and white glitters, along with coral colored hearts. I stupidly wore it over a coral base (Nicole by OPI Some Hearts), so you can't see the coral hearts! Dope!

Finally we have a special LE polish, Lynnderella Pink Carat Juice. This is from the limited Advent 2013 collection. For Christmas in 2012, Lynnderella released a different polish each day leading up to Christmas, beginning on December 1st. She did this again this year and I was finally lucky enough to snag the one I wanted most! I am really into the circle glitter lately, so this attracted me immediately. This is two coats over Nicole by OPI Carnival Cotton Candy. I think there are probably still some bottles of this around, you just have to keep checking Lynnderella.com.

*Nicole by OPI Alex by the Books, OPI Care to Danse?, Nicole by OPI Khloe Had a Little Lam Lam, Nicole by OPI Some Hearts, Nicole by OPI Carnival Cotton Candy all sent for review*


Melissa said...

These are so pretty!

Never Enough Nails said...

Thanks Melissa! I love glitter :)