January 7, 2014

Essie Sable Collar

 *Purchased by me*

The two standouts from the Essie Winter collection (for me personally) were Sable Collar and Toggle to the Top. I didn't get Toggle to the Top yet, but I do have Essie Sable Collar for you today. Sable Collar is an interesting taupe-y purple-y brown with red brown shimmer. The shimmer is very thick and smooth, giving the whole polish the appearance of velvet. Very appropriate for winter! The shimmer also makes the polish look different in different lighting, and I always enjoy that effect. It's fun to go look at your nails in a different light LOL!

Sable Collar applied pretty well. This is three coats because it was a little less even going on than I had predicted. I started out with a very thin first coat and it was a little streaky, so I had to do three. The formula was good, not "paint itself on" excellent, but good nonetheless.

*Purchased by me*

Sable Collar is still pretty readily available at drugstores, though I'm having a harder time finding Toggle to the Top. I'll probably end up ordering it online somewhere. What do you think of this kind of color for winter?

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