July 20, 2013

Born Pretty Store Glow In the Dark Polish!

Base: one coat Nicole by OPI Base Coat Plus
Color: three coats Born Pretty Store Glow in the Dark Polish #11
Top: none
Application: excellent (out of poor, average, good, excellent)
Born Pretty Store Glow in the Dark #11 was sent for review. All opinions are my own honest thoughts.

Glow in the dark polish is a cool concept, but I find that a lot of the time, it doesn't work out in practice. They are usually super sheer, sometimes almost colorless, and the glow action is faint and fleeting. However, I recently tried Born Pretty Store's Glow in the Dark polish in #11 and was pleasantly surprised by my experience. For one thing, #11 is a totally gorgeous neon pink jelly that I would wear even if it weren't glow in the dark! It's so bright and squishy, I really love the color. For another thing, it did actually glow in the dark! I had to hold it up to a light to charge it up, but then the glow lasted for probably 10 minutes. The longer you charge the polish, the longer the glow lasts. I just got bored standing there next to a light LOL.

The other great thing about this polish is that it applied so well. No streaks or weird patches, just lovely smooth hot pink jelly! This is three coats and there is some VNL, but it's the squishy jelly kind, so that's OK! Below you can see glow in the dark pictures!! Very cool!

After maybe 5 minutes, the glow lessens, as you can see below.

Overall, this is probably the best glow in the dark polish I've tried. It looks great all day long, not just in the dark, and that really has been something that other glow in the dark polishes sometimes lack in my experience. This polish comes in a variety of pretty neon colors, I'm dying to try that bright orange. Check out this glow in the dark polish and other nail art supplies at Born Pretty Store.

Born Pretty Store Glow in the Dark #11 was sent for review. All opinions are my own honest thoughts.


Ms Jelena said...

Ohh, love it! I don't like when they advertise nail polish as a glow in dark one and then it doesn't happen!


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Never Enough Nails said...

I agree Ms. Jelena, so annoying! I'm glad this one worked!

Unknown said...

Always fun when something works - I have bought a # of 'em during Halloween season and never had any of 'em work.