July 28, 2013

Lynnderella Topaz Optimism and Tanzanite Truth

Base: one coat CND Stickey
Color: (left to right) three coats Zoya Thandie, two coats Nicole by OPI What's the Mitch-uation topped with two coats Lynnderella Tanzanite Truth, two coats OPI Fly
Top: one coat Sally Hansen Salon Manicure top coat
Application (of Tanzanite Truth): excellent (out of poor, average good, excellent)
Zoya Thandie, Nicole by OPI What's the Mitch-uation and OPI Fly were sent for review. Lynnderella Tanzanite Truth was purchased by me. All opinions are my own honest thoughts.

I can't believe I am finally posting pictures of summer Lynnderellas during the summer! I keep getting so behind with Lynns, but I couldn't resist trying out two of the polishes from the new Talismans and Birthstones collection. First up is Lynnderella Tanzanite Truth. I didn't really know what Tanzanite looked like before this, but look at this beautiful image of a tanzanite gem from www.palagems.com:

Gorgeous, right? Get my a ring with one of those babies, please. I think Lynnderella really nailed the color of this gem in Tanzanite Truth, it's a stunning rich blue-purple that almost glows. I picked a little bit too blue of a base color (Nicole by OPI What's the Mitch-uation?) and I think next time I would go more purple.

Tanzanite Truth was very easy to work with and applied smoothly with the dabbing method. I was mostly pleased with the coverage after just one coat, but I dabbed on a little bit more for more glitter. Speaking of more glitter, I couldn't leave the creme finish polishes alone here and added Lynnderella Pentimento to them the morning after doing this mani. I have a glitter problem. Also, you might notice I am in the midst of changing my nail shape. I am attempting to go towards more of a pointy almond shape, but it's a big transition so it looks a little wonky here.

Base: one coat Nicole by OPI Base Coat Plus
Color: four coats NARS Desperado, two coats Lynnderella Topaz Optimism
Top: one coat Sally Hansen Salon Manicure top coat
Application (of Topaz Optimism): good (out of poor, average, good, excellent)
NARS Desperado and Lynnderella Topaz Optimism were purchased by me. All opinions are my own honest thoughts.

I actually wore Lynnderella Topaz Optimism first, before Tanzanite Truth (hence the old nail shape). I wanted to wear this one first out of the new collection because topaz is my birthstone! I went with a really topaz-y base color, NARS Desperado. Unfortunately, I forgot how darn sheer Desperado is, ugh. I really like this combo though! Topaz Optimism is a pretty collection of gold glitters, yellow satin glitters and holo gold glitters. The holo gold pieces really add some zing!

Topaz Optimism was pretty easy to dab on. I found that some of the larger pieces (the star and the yellow satin flower) needed some placement and fiddling with. Otherwise, everything behaved itself nicely. This is two dabbed coats over four (ughhhh) coats of Desperado.

These two polishes have me excited to try the other Talismans and Birthstones polishes I got! I also recently got a few Lynnderella LEs that I'll probably post soon. My bank account is kind of sad, but man they are gorgeous!

Lynnderella polishes are available on Lynnderella.comNorway Nails and Glitter Connect

NARS Desperado, Lynnderella Pentimento, Topaz Optimism and Tanzanite Truth were purchased by me. All others were sent for review. All opinions are my own honest thoughts.


Ms Jelena said...

Tanzanite Truth is gorgeous!!! I want! :)



Never Enough Nails said...

It's even better in person Ms Jelena! So sparkly!